What does God want us to do about ISIS? TAKE THIS QUIZ TO FIND OUT.

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If you are a Christian and a conservative, you might be going through an inner struggle right now. The situation with ISIS can be very confusing for a person of faith.

As a Christian pastor I am inspired by God, anything and everything I say and do is in line with God’s will: that’s what makes me Christian.  But as a Conservative, I know in my heart that everything Obama does is wrong. So what scriptural path should I follow?

After much prayer, I have discovered the perfect solution! It’s actually very simple, and I have found a way to make it simple for you, as well! I have created the following simple one-question quiz. All you have to do is click the correct answer, and God’s own words will reveal to you what opinion you SHOULD HAVE…. as an American Christian conservative!


Question: What did Obama do in response to the ISIS threat?

CLICK HERE   A. He sent in a series of massive drone attacks to wipe out the threat.

CLICK HERE   B. He takes a path of peace, offering to meet and negotiate with their leaders.

CLICK HERE   C. He works with the United Nations to apply strict sanctions so that they feel economic pain.


Please select an option above. God’s instructions about what you should think will appear here.





5 Replies to “What does God want us to do about ISIS? TAKE THIS QUIZ TO FIND OUT.”

  1. LMAO….love the sarcasm!! Too funny Gregory & so true. There is a passage for the Christian right to be right no matter what the question is. Keep up the good work!

  2. I believe that ISIS could be punishment brought on to the world for the sins of same sex marriage, ISIS in itself is evil and we must fight this but so is what is going on in the west with same sex marriage debates and other wickedness. This was seen in the old testament that God punished His people for their sins by bringing their enemy upon them, In this case we must come back to God, ditch same sex marriage and other wickedness of such, pray for Gods forgiveness and then our fighting of this evil group will be successful, same as numerous times his people (the Jews) in the old testament were told to leave their sins and God allowed wickedness to come into play and punish them, so this will not go away unless we accept the truth and make yourself clean in Gods eyes, that is to ditch wickedness like same sex marriage and other evils.

    Or a wicked group like Isis will take over.

    1. That is an excellent point!

      OR…. how about THIS: Vaccinations are God’s punishment for worshiping the false god of technology. Until we come back to God, abandon all technology, including this computer that you are looking at, and live in grass huts and hunt with stones, we will be PUNISHED for our wickedness by Ebola carrying Autism molecules into the fetuses of unaborted babies who watch too much gay porn and then society will completely collapse. Because, God.

      Pretty good argument, huh? 🙂

      1. I like yours a lot better. Although Johns’ version is ignorant and stupid, it just isn’t outlandish and stupid enough. Neither yours nor Johns’ version is likely to happen or be the cause of anything happening, but your version is more colorful and entertaining.

  3. John, I know this is old thread but your comment made me want to add one thing. I see you concluded that God so disapproves of same-sex marriage he created ISIS. So you are basically saying our GOD decided that love should be answered with murderous hate. Wow that just makes so much sense. How about this one. If God would be upset about something, don’t you think it would be about people not accepting and loving each other. Do you honestly think that our God would even for a second worry about the different ways love is and angry enough to bring on monsters like ISIS. If I was the Lord I would be insulted to be portrayed as such a hater. It is more likely if you believe the all powerful would seek such revenge it would be because people aren’t listening to his word. Love is not a sin. Educate yourself against ignorance. It is the quickest way to remove fear and understand differences are not sins, but simply things you do not understand. In fact it is those that make others feel that who they love is wrong; I believe it is those that do this are acting in sin. Stop living in naked fear and learn to accept and love your fellow man. When you demonize love like you are doing, you are not following his word. Pray to him. Open up your heart and work towards acceptance. If you make one person feel badly about who they are you are not helping mankind. You are doing the devil’s work.

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