Restaurant sells 15 cent cheeseburger, prints a totally honest receipt

Last week a restaurant in Minnesota added a “minimum wage fee” to its receipts. Of course this outraged idiot liberals, and made Glenn Beck very happy. And why wouldn’t it? Capitalism! Transparency! No ulterior motive whatsoever!

Everyone should love it.

In fact, a small restaurant in Tennessee, Billy’s Diner, decided to take this idea one step further.

“Yeah, we realized that we could drop the price of our cheeseburger down to just fifteen cents, if we count all of our overhead and secondary expenses as fees instead,” explains Bil, founder and owner of Billy’s Diner.

As usual, liberal patrons were outraged by this move. One took a photo of his receipt for a cheeseburger with his phone, and it has gone viral circulating the internet:

Restaurant receipt showing a minimum wage fee and other fees.
Restaurant receipt showing minimum wage fee, as well as other fees.

“I feel so cheated!” the anonymous liberal patron whined, “I was told the cheeseburger was fifteen cents, and I ended up paying over ten dollars!”

Clearly, he doesn’t understand capitalism.

“See in a way the way we have our receipt is more honest,” explains Bil. “We show people exactly what they are paying for. Cheeseburgers really aren’t that expensive, you know. There are all these other factors.”

When we asked Bil why the receipt did not show a “business owner’s salary” fee, he said “This interview is over!” and walked away.


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  1. Yeah I’m not a liberal but this is the dumbest shit i’ve ever read. If you want to charge more to cover minimum wage that’s fine but this is just being a dick, both this article and the receipt.

  2. I loved this, maybe if more places did this more people would understand what’s behind it, oh but wait. Their liberals.. And just expect everything to be given to them

    This owner is my hero.

    1. You notice there’s no mention in the receipt of how the owners make money, right? So unless they volunteer at their own business, somewhere in there they’re lying to you. Not a big surprise since they’re probably conservatives.

      1. Unless the owners compensation is covered under the largest amount “employee fee”. Which would make sense.

        This is amazing no matter how much you try to nitpick at it. Honesty at it best.

      1. “dumb liberals” expecting companies to pay their employees!!
        Thanks Obama! lol and seriously the guy pays an employee $4.85 to make one burger?! How long does it take to make a burger… 4 mins or so? im wondering if he has hid his 4 vacation homes and 10 trips over seas in the cost of labor…now that is tea party math avoid taxes and put it on your employees YAY!!

        1. It takes more than just a cook to get a burger from fridge (or freezer) to guest. Usually a host/hostess, a server, a dishwasher(maybe covered in the dishwashing fee, maybe that’s just the chemicals and equipment), a cook, a prepcook for lettuce tomatoes etc, assistant and general managers, a bus boy and even maybe a janitor to clean up at night. So that 4.85 is going to more than just one employee

    2. But you missed one of the finest points of all Sarah how the owner ran out when asked about his income.. some hero…

      1. The owner probably left because he wasn’t going to be able to maintain his civility in pointing out to the economically ignorant reporter that the 15 cents charged for the cheeseburger was his portion of the receipt. Do ANY “liberals” study actual real economics?

      2. BTW, if a “satire” site does not in some way identify itself as such, and then proceeds to represent itself as reporting news and defaming people and institutions, is that not fraud?

    3. Sarah we liberals DO understand what’s behind it, just as we (unlike conservatards such as yourself) understand that this article is SATIRE.

  3. Generally speaking we decide whether something is worth buying or not. To that end I don’t really care how things are broken down. I want to know how much I have to pay. How the proprietor chooses to set the price is his/her business. I get it that there is overhead – there is in every business. It is disingenuous of the owner to advertise the $0.15 burger without also saying + taxes and fees. I probably wouldn’t eat there because the pricing is too vague. My mental model is to look at an advertised price and add about 10% if fast food for my total out of pocket.
    More power to this proprietor for paying his staff’s healthcare premiums. Presumably he is, because he appears to be charging for it.
    My further assumption would be that there is no need to tip because he is paying a proper wage.
    So while he is clearly making a political point, there are insights that can be drawn

  4. It was Reagan that started the grazing fees, he can blame Liberals for 50 cents of the tab but conservatives add a buck 90 to it.

  5. This was almost a good idea. If he was really being honest, he’d breakdown how much each of his ingredients costs and instead of calling his employees a “fee” he’d call the charge something like “administration”… oh, and singling out “ObamaCare” proves what a worthless piece of crap this guy is. If he doesn’t want to pay healthcare premiums for his employees, why doesn’t he take his shriveled testicles in his hand and tell his employees “Hey, I like having you work here for near-poverty wages, but I really don’t like you enough to help you afford medical coverage.” That’d be honest.

  6. The owner operator is still an employee and the salaries of all employees may be covered in the employee fee(s).
    More importantly would be the greatly reduced sales tax that the government(s) will receive.

  7. You conservative morons understand this is a satire site right? Let me dumb it down…it’s fake you willfully ignorant jerks.

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