Sin, yelling, and Game of Thrones: a guide for Modern Christians

The modern world has so much sin in it: from same-sex couples who love each other and want to get married, to women wanting equal pay, to shows like Game of Thrones. How are good Christians supposed to deal?

Pastor Gregory responds to a letter from one of our viewers, explaining that all of the terrible sin in the modern world is just a test from God. It is part of God’s plan. You see, God wants to make sure that you don’t get taken in by the seemingly harmless nature of nice polite gay people, women asking for “equal rights”, or boobies and swear words on the television set.

When the world confronts you with these sinful things, you as a Christian must speak up. No, don’t just speak up: YELL!  YELL REALLY REALLY LOUD!!!!

“If you are a good Christian,” explains Pastor Gregory, “You should always be yelling.”

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One Reply to “Sin, yelling, and Game of Thrones: a guide for Modern Christians”

  1. Here’s what gripes me about gay men. I am 1000% heterosexual, oK? But I have an internal Gaydar . I can tell anytime that there’s a gay man WITHING ten feet of me. It happens mostly at the supermarket. I might even be with my wife. And when we pass that gay man, all of a sudden, I’m not gay or anything, but I want him to put his ding dong into my buttocks and wiggle. After HES 12 feet away, the desire stops. I never should have told my wife beacuse now she makes me put butt plugs in anytime we go shopping. And it’s destroying our marraige. We are swingers. When I say swingers, I mean we like to go to the park and swing. Invariably, a gay man or couple will come by and when it’s a couple, my wife has a desire to make it with two gay men. It’s ruining us. If they’d just make a law to keep them out of parks and grocery stores

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