The 2016 election is over, and Hillary already lost

David Jolly won an election, therefore liberalism is dead
David Jolly won an election, therefore liberalism is dead

Well folks, the results are in from the special election in Florida’s 13th Congressional district and Republican David Jolly defeated Democrat Alex Sink by about 3,400 votes, which is just about the number of elderly in Pinellas County that attend any random bingo night.

This obviously means that all Americans have rejected Obama, and Obamacare, and that the Democrats are doomed not only in 2014 but 2016 as well.

I mean, just listen to what Chuck Todd, the paid intern of MSNBC had to say about it. “Most of the Senate battles are in a lot less friendly places for Dems than FL-13,” he tweeted. Yes FL-13 was so Democratic friendly that a Republican has held that Congressional seat for 58 yrs. I mean, one just has to look at the demographics of the district to see how Democratic friendly it is: elderly white people.

Now Todd’s eagerness to jump all over Sink and the Democrats certainly has nothing to do with his being given the cold shoulder by Sink when Todd and NBC wanted to host a debate between her and Jolly. No. A real professional like Todd who so enjoys dressing up like an adult every morning would never be so childish and vindictive.


Now that we’ve cleared that up, the only real analysis of FL-13 is that it puts the final nail in the coffin of not only the ACA, but the Democratic party as well. Just look at how Obama swept through the county less than two years ago when he won it by a whopping 50-49.

I know Obama won the popular vote and the electoral college easily…. but come on, just look at that huge victory in FL-13! It’s truly a huge defeat for the Democrats to lose by a percentage point, instead of winning by a percentage point. The numbers are just staggering! An obvious repudiation of the Democratic party, and liberal philosophy in general.

Yes, it is painfully obvious to everyone who excelled in either Political Science 101 or Journalism 101 that this race forecasts what will happen not only eight months from now, but over two years from now as well.

Some people might point out that Democrats won special elections in 2012 only to have Republicans keep the House. But that doesn’t matter at all. The only thing that matters is that a gal named Sink was defeated by a guy named Jolly.

It’s shocking!

Someone should just call Hillary, and tell her to forget about 2016. It doesn’t matter if the economy gets better. It doesn’t matter if Obamacare ends up being successful. It doesn’t matter if unemployment goes down.

The fact that a Republican won in a Republican district by as many votes as it takes to fill up a Jewish deli in St. Petersburg proves that it is all over for the Democrats. And for Obamacare.

And liberalism in general.

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  1. Great Read!! and yes you called Todd just as I see him too! He makes me puke anyway for sometime now. Of course our good ole Right Wingers followed the same old playbook of talking points…play it, say it and lie until they believe its what is truth…same ole okie doke and I don’t know anyone left of center that is about to fall down and play dead for these destructive greedy power grabbers! It ain’t over till the White House bleeds blue again!!

  2. Outstanding and witty column with sharp insights. The lesson here and a lesson that Democrats have mysteriously not learned forever is the importance of getting their vote out in so-called “off year” elections.

    Their vote exists. They know how to get it out in presidential years. Duhhh !

    Hey Dems….Congress Matters.

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