President Obama’s approval rating has tanked to a deplorable 40%, which clearly indicates that he is a completely failed President.

This is an indisputable fact. This 40% approval rating means he is a COMPLETELY FAILED PRESIDENT.

In the spirit of completeness, however, we are duty-bound to admit that Obama is not the first completely failed President. In fact, if reaching 40% approval or less is the sign of a completely failed president, then we have the following collection of past presidents who were all complete and utter failures…. every one:

George W. Bush became a complete failure in 2005 and remained a total failure from 2006 on.

Bill Clinton became an utter failure in 1993.

George H.W. Bush failed completely, starting in 1992.

Ronald Reagen attained the status of totally failed President in 1983.

Jimmy Carter was an utter failure as President from 1979 on.

Ford achieved the status of “total failure” in 1975, and Nixon in 1973, and LBJ was a totally failed President in 1967.

In fact, the last President of the United States to not be a complete, utter, and total failure was John F. Kennedy.


Now, I don’t want you to think that any of this should be understood to imply that a 40% approval rating is a completely arbitrary, stupid, and ridiculous cut-off mark for considering someone a “failed President”.

We wouldn’t want you to think that.

Instead, just think about the fact that every single President in the last 50 years has been just as much of a failure as President Obama.

Obviously the liberals must be to blame.

Obama is a failed president


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