Forbes editorial endorses using homeless people to clean up nuclear waste

This happy homeless Japanese man is off to clean up toxic nuclear waste. Look how happy he is, because he now gets to be employed. Go, capitalism!
This happy homeless Japanese man is off to clean up toxic nuclear waste. Look how happy he is, because he now gets to be employed. Go, capitalism!

A recent Forbes editorial by Doug Altner laid out a great conservative argument endorsing Japan’s practice of paying homeless people almost no money to clean up nuclear waste.

Doug Altner might not realize that this is what he has done; in fact, many conservatives do not realize that they are completely in agreement with the practice of Japanese organized crime rounding up homeless people and sending them to work on the decontamination of the Fukushima nuclear plant – a project that exposed them to massive and deadly amounts of radiation.

But although conservatives might claim that they would not be in favor of this practice, their economic arguments here at home in the United States show otherwise.

In November 2013, Doug Altner wrote an editorial for Forbes in which he explains why Walmart is awesome, and Walmart is not taking advantage of anyone, and Walmart is doing people a favor because hey getting minimum wage is better than nothing, and Walmart can’t be blamed for anything because its employees could just choose to work someplace else.

As a conservative website, we at of course agree with all of those things. However, we also like to make sure that would-be conservatives don’t wuss-out when it comes to applying conservative philosophy¬† across the board.

The fact is: the exact same arguments applied to Walmart also apply to paying homeless people tiny amounts of money to clean up dangerous nuclear waste!

Here are some direct quotes from the Forbes editorial, in which we have simply replaced “work at Walmart” with “clean-up of Fukushima nuclear waste”, and other similar phrases mutatis mutandis.

[On why nobody is being taken advantage of:] “Nobody has to clean-up of Fukushima nuclear waste if he feels underpaid and underappreciated. He can always seek another job!”

[On why they pay almost nothing:] “These positions require little or no work experience or technical skills. For any homeless person with modest credentials, these jobs provide good work experience – experience they can use to eventually land a higher paying job!”

[On why the homeless people should be really happy:] “The relationship that the Fukushima nuclear waste clean-up program has with homeless people is win-win! Every wage that it pays is one that the homeless person accepts.”



There you have it.

If you are a real conservative, you need to be applauding Japan for this move. Or rather, you need to be applauding Japanese organized crime, who seem to be the ones behind it. But that doesn’t matter. The fact is: ideologically, this is the right, conservative¬† thing to do.

Anyone who thinks otherwise… it just guilty of liberal bias!!!



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  1. Now this is where we’re supposed to say,
    “Well, we’re so kind to our homeless, we only burden them with WiFi hotspots and pay them so much MORE, even though it has any hope of reaching minimum wage scale and getting them off the street, mind you……
    but it’s better than nothing…and, of course, pray to somebody.

    30 years ago,when Bain was having it’s way with El Salvador, I was giving the usual DC tour, to a friend from Nicaragua, who said the homeless looked cozy and wished his country’s poor lived that well. He noticed that The Mall on Washington resembled his capitol city, before it was destroyed by war. The visual took me aback, “My God, if that’s what Nicaragua was like, what about the stories coming in from El Salvador?!”
    He shook his head….”Aye, Dios!”
    I couldn’t wrap my head around it.
    We talked about how cheap life was to our governments. We talked about the stories I’d learned from Fania artists and a book I’d read mentioning a guy on my Roladex on Columbia Rd.
    Latin stars lacked that overblown ego trip compensating for lack of musical talent. *cough*
    But it was years before someone in Chicago gave me 1982 copy of “Overthrow” magazine, (a yippy publication). I was grateful he was willing to part with it. I haven’t finished scanning it but some of the images are online if you know where to google (1982 El Salvador beheadings)
    I’d talked to many different kinds of people in the city,
    Hobos were a different sub-culture that did not apply to the people appeared to be waiting for concert tickets with their kids.
    A hobos child isn’t normally shell-shocked.
    We were saddened to wonder why,
    if they measured love in dollars and cents,
    why does it take a crowbar to pry their wallets open? How could they not take joy in fulfilling our dreams instead of their Swiss Bank Accounts? When I share stories that are surprisingly seldom told, people asked me to “prove it”. Didn’t EVERYBODY know that tax dodge?
    But, whatever… how do you enjoy your own holidays, knowing that you are directly responsible for so much pain and suffering?
    Presumably, their mirrors cast no reflection.
    I’ll bet I could come up with an app for that. So why am I begging for a job, from someone I wouldn’t hire myself?
    How do you think Confucius came up with all those nifty brainfarts?

    It’s clear by now. When they privatized Rx,for instance, we knew where it would lead, because according to their true bible,
    “Follow the Money” gets us where we need go. Thanks to Ackham’s Razor.
    Why fix a problem when you can cash in on treating it until the end of time.
    (that may be from the Ferengi laws of acquisition, but if the foo shits, wear it)
    Why else is it always the day after tomorrow on OUR dime?

    When there is a deficiency of logic THIS profound, one must zoom OUT, not IN, to get to the bottom of it.

    3D web grid hoppers see this kind of mentality of seeing things from two sides, while completely dismissing, “up”, “down”, “diagonal”.
    I thought they were trying to distract from the objectives they could be shooting for.

    So, where are we at… that big loophole, taxing the rich, and tearing down the walls SOPA/CISPA is building on the net.
    By focusing on Second Life, they are dismissing millions of residents with their own grids completely isolated from it as each website on the 2D web. People in SL can’t even see outside that ONE 3D website. Oddly, observing this for 10 years has been my own electronic social experiment and you don’t want to know what’s coming if they keep trying to rule by evil projection.
    I honestly wonder where they hide the human parts when they stand and say such horrible things about actual people.
    Sadly, I’ve heard people of limited power and overblown egos plotting against an old man just trying to get through a few months to retirement so he could tend to his diabetes full time.
    I’ve never heard anything so disgusting in a DoD workplace while the director was holding a real civil service position over my head like a freakin’ carrot. I could not get out of Oklahoma fast enough.
    Ya know that Bible they lie about has a whole bunch about that kind of thing.

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