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"Reality has a well-known liberal bias." 

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TOP 10 most-viewed Liberal Bias of 2013!

From the end of racism to Obama’s 11 million vacations, here are the top 10 most popular articles from 2013 that expose the demons and danger of that dreaded LIBERAL BIAS!!


NUMBER 10: What does “post-racial America” look like to YOU?, 01 Jul 2013, by TeaPartyCat

Post-VRA America
June 25th, 2013 was a historic day in America: it was the day the Supreme Court decided that there is officially NO SUCH THING AS RACISM in America! We can all rejoice.


NUMBER 9: Putin or Gay Porn Star?, 26 Sep 2013

Putin or Gay Porn Star
Conservatives are all applauding Vladimir Putin for being such a strong leader, and for being so very very very anti-gay. What an awesome guy. Yet there is something a little off about his anti-gayness.


NUMBER 8: The definition of liberal bias, 29 May 2013

In light of recent news, we have decided it is time to take a step back and address the core political issue of our time: what is the definition of liberal bias?


NUMBER 7: SNAP statistics contradict Paul Ryan, 25 Mar 2013

SNAP Program Statistics
Once again there is a conflict between conservative ideology and statistics. This time, the topic is: Do food stamps make poor people lazy? This graph shows the return-to-work rates for families that went on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, also known as “Food Stamps”) due to unemployment.


NUMBER 6: BOTH SIDES ARE THE SAME… and we have proof!, 30 Sep 2013

Feingold shuts down the government, because both sides are the same
If there is one thing that corporate media and conservative talk radio agree on, it’s that both Democrats and Republicans are terrible and evil and exactly the same.


NUMBER 5: 5 differences between Democrats and Republicans, 10 Jul 2013

Republicans v Democrats: Gun Regulation
Some of you say, “There is no difference between Republicans and Democrats on the real issues!” This is not true. To help you understand the differences, please refer to the following cheat sheet. You’re welcome.


NUMBER 4: The Supreme Court’s Big Gay Decision, 12 Jun 2013, by TeaPartyCat

Tea Party Cat Predictions!
Everybody is expecting the Supreme Court to rule on Marriage Equality within the next week. Nobody knows what they will decide… but at least I can tell you what our Republican leaders will be thinking. If the Supreme Court rules to support same-sex marriage, even in part, we know what Republicans will think…


NUMBER 3: UNSKEWED GRAPH: Scientists split on climate change, 28 Feb 2013

Scientists split on climate change
As a public service, we have created this graph to illustrate the virtual dead heat between scientists who accept climate change as a theory, and those who do not accept it.


NUMBER 2 (ALMOST THERE): Obamacare: pros and cons, 26 Jul 2013

Glenn McCoy Monster Cartoon
There has been a lot of good news for Obamacare lately, which is obviously bad news for people who support Freedom, Liberty, and other capitalized words. So in the interest of being fair and balanced, we have decided to present to you a side-by-side comparison of some good news headlines and quotes about Obamacare.



Obama takes more vacations than any modern president

Obama The Vacationer
Fox News claims that Obama has taken more vacations than any recent president. After a LOT of effort, we have finally found a way to prove them correct. We have to admit, it was tough.


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