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"Reality has a well-known liberal bias." 

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You will never believe this 100% true statistic about how terrible Obamacare is!!!!

Do you want to actually just up and DIE? If you enroll in Obamacare, you will. Check out this statistic:

100% of people enrolled in Obamacare will die. FACT.

Do you want to die? If not, I suggest you support its repeal, or you’ll end up dead.



Amazing Fact

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  1. Leiza Duckworth

    Got electrocuted,almost blew my own mind!(That is a fact!)LOL

  2. […] After losing the Presidency again to Barack Hussein Obama, thanks to the corporate media, patriots in Congress successfully shut down the government in order to send Obama’s approval ratings plummeting. It was revealed that 100% of people enrolled in Obamacare will eventually die. […]

  3. […] Notice that last part? If the economy thrives, partly due to Valentine’s Day spending, more people will be able to have affordable health insurance. It will allow Obamacare to be a successful government program. Even if it’s good for the economy, it’s bad for America. After all, 100% of those enrolled in Obamacare WILL die. […]

  4. […] between the lines, sheeple. It’s another false flag. First the Benghazi conspiracy. Then the Obamacare apocalypse. Then #BENDOGZI. Now he is single-handedly responsible for making hundreds of libertarian […]

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