Polls with more than 2 answers have liberal bias!

Obamacare Polling Data

Everyone knows that there is only one proper way to word a polling question about Obamacare: do you think it is perfect in every way, or do you hate it?

So the CNN / ORC poll questions, results shown above, are clearly improper and are filled with liberal bias.

Why? Because this poll allowed people to give three possible answers. Instead of simply asking “Approve” or “Disapprove”, it allowed the people who disapprove to rate it as either “Too Liberal” or “Not Liberal Enough”.

This kind of verbal gymnastics is way too complicated for good, normal Americans to deal with. Why?

Because when it was phrased this way, it makes it seem as though…. well…. somehow, it seems as though Americans are overwhelmingly liberal!

Look at the graph. When you combine the people who approve of Obamacare with the people who disapprove because they think it is not liberal enough, it adds up to about half of all Americans! On the other hand, only about 39% think that Obamacare is too liberal.

WTFBBQ, America?

This is not an acceptable result.


We are much happier with a poll that simply combines all of the “Oppose” answers together, because that gives the impression that only 38% if Americans “approve” of Obamacare …. and, you know, we can just let people assume that everyone who doesn’t “approve” of Obamacare must agree with the Tea Party.

After all, that’s the strategy used by the New York Times and others: ask “approve” or “disapprove”, and let the pundits decide what “disapprove” means.

Actually allowing polls to have more than two answers… well, that just leads to liberal bias!!


[Hat Tip to Jeff from Bray New World for the the story and polling links.]

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