The tale of GOPlocks and the three Healthcare Plans

Once upon a time there was a little political party called GOP-locks. She lived at the edge of the forest with her family. One morning, while she was out picking flowers, she realized that there were a whole crapload of poor and unhealthy people who couldn’t afford health care.

For many decades, GOPlocks tried to just ignore the desperately poor people who were dying because they couldn’t afford health care. Eventually, though, she realized that she needed to make a plan.

So she walked into a house that someone else had built (GOP-locks didn’t build houses, although she did approve of other people doing so), and the looked at the dining table to see that it had already been set.  There, laid out in three bowls on the table, were three possible Healthcare plans.  She decided to try a little bit of each one.

She sat down and looked at the first health care plan. It filled the bowl all the way to the top. She said: “This health care plan covers everybody. But that will never work, because it’s too expensive! I could never afford a health care plan that covers everybody!”

She moved over to the next health care plan, which was in a bowl that was only part-way full. She said: “This health care plan covers only some people. But that’s not fair! That’s death panels! I simply cannot accept a health care plan the covers only some people!

Finally, she moved over to the last bowl, which was completely empty. She said: “Aaaahhh…. this plan is not expensive, and it is completely fair!  This health care plan covers nobody, and is JUST RIGHT!


That is the end of the tale of GOPlocks and the Three Healthcare Plans.

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