Kansas knows all about poor people!

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback and the Department of Children and Family Services (DCF) know how to get poor people to work more: just make everything more expensive.

As summarized in an article in the Hutchinson Kansas News, the philosophy of the Kansas DCF can basically be outlined as follows:

“Working parents who aren’t making enough money to pay child care costs should pay more for their child care, which effectively will lower their hourly wage. That, in turn, will encourage those parents to work more hours or pick up an extra job to make ends meet.”

This is great logic, isn’t it?

I mean, some people with liberal bias might say: “What if they are already completely busy, tired, worn out, working two minimum-wage jobs just to make ends meet, and actually don’t have the time or ability to work another job?”

BUT THAT IS NONSENSE! After all, in Kansas, they know about poor people.

Kansas conservatives know that the only reason poor people don’t make more money is that they are lazy. There is no such thing as an “over-worked poor person”.  That’s just silly. Poor people are poor because they sit around eating Cheetoes all day.

Kansas knows what poor people do with their time

It’s not politically correct to say that poor people are all lazy…. but that is essentially the argument that the Kansas Governor and DCF are making. In their argument are the following unspoken assumptions:

1) Poor families have time and energy to work more, they just don’t want to.
2) The reason they don’t want to, is because they aren’t financially hurting enough
3) Therefore, if we make them hurt more, they will decide to get a job with some of that copious spare time that they were previously using to sit around and/or sleep.

This is a good, conservative argument. We just thought we should make it a little more clear for you.

Thus, we provide for you the above graph….. guaranteed to be free from liberal bias!!!!


Original Story: Hutchinson Kansas News

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