A serious note about Straw Men

LiberalBias.com has recently been accused of using Straw Man Arguments when portraying the conservative position. Most of these arguments, however, have been presented by true, righteous, upstanding conservatives themselves.

Mark Levin, towering conservative mind, is very happy with the House of Representatives, and with good reason. They have repealed Obamacare infinity-minus-one times. They have nearly outlawed abortion. And they have created a budget that completely fixes all of our budget deficit problems in a mere 100 years by making sure that all poor people are dead by then. The House of Representatives is clearly doing the work of God.

Mark Levin is not happy, however, with the Senate. The Senate has stubbornly refused to take up the common-sense legislation against Obamacare, abortions and poor people, and instead have been trying to pass absolutely ridiculous laws that treat illegal immigrants as people. Mark Levin is even more ticked off at the Senate now that Harry Reid has been promising to reform the fillibuster rules.

So what was Mark Levin’s proposed solution to this problem?

He suggested getting rid of the Senate completely.


The Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz
Is there anything wrong with Straw Men, really?

Now this is a trick kind of argument to make.  To many people, it sounds like one of those joke headlines that would come from The Onion. It sounds like a “straw man argument”: one of those exaggerated arguments that people make but that nobody actually supports.

But no: Mark actually engaged in a long, protracted analysis on his radio show where he explained why he thought that getting rid of the Senate really would be constitutional, and would be desirable.

Another example: earlier today, Sean Hannity was talking about the Zimmerman trial. He had a guest on to debate with, and they had gotten the discussion to the point where they were talking about the presumed fist fight between Zimmerman and Trayvon.

The guest said: To me, it just sounds like Zimmerman was in a fist fight. That, by itself, doesn’t seem like a good enough reason to pull out a gun and start shooting.

Sean Hannity said: I think that if you’re in a fight, and your being punched in the head, and you are scared that you might black out, then you have every legal right to pull out a gun and use deadly force!

Basically, Hannity’s argument was that if you feel like you are losing a fist-fight, you have the right to shoot the other person dead.


In both of these cases, we have important, intelligent conservatives–true great Americans–promoting arguments that most reasonable people would say sound like “straw man” arguments.


This raises an interesting and important question: Is there anything wrong with Straw Man arguments, really?

From a conservative perspective, it seems like “Straw Men” get a bad rap. Just because they seem silly to liberals doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take them 100% SERIOUSLY OURSELVES, right?

And as we all know: Sean Hannity and Mark Levin are never wrong.


So, as a proud conservative, I say this to you: Don’t be shy. Don’t hold back. Don’t doubt yourself just because some liberal tells you that your argument is plainly ridiculous and sounds like a “Straw Man” argument.

Just look at them, and proudly proclaim: “Well, maybe I’m a proud, conservative Straw Man myself! Stop being so racist!”

That’s sure to shut them up.

After all, if they think that it’s silly to suggest completely eliminating the Senate on the grounds that you disagree with it…. then that’s clearly just their liberal bias talking!

2 Replies to “A serious note about Straw Men”

  1. I feel you there. I’m a big fan of “Learn from your mistakes.”
    But I’m a bigger fan of “Learn from the mistakes of others and Fail FORWARD”

    And then there’s “Let the punishment fit the crime”
    With every civil rights movement,
    since apparently the dawn of time,
    Ignorant people fear what they don’t understand.

    And are easily manipulated by those who know what they don’t know.

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