5 differences between Democrats and Republicans

Some of you say, “There is no difference between Republicans and Democrats on the real issues!” This is not true. To help you understand the differences, please refer to the following cheat sheet.

Republicans v Democrats: Gun Regulation

Republicans v Democrats: Immigration Reform

Republicans v Democrats: New Energy

Republicans v Democrats: Marriage Equality

Republicans v Democrats: Unemployment


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8 Replies to “5 differences between Democrats and Republicans”

  1. Actually, on guns, assuming the Second Amendment is not alone among the first ten in limiting Congress, Congress can’t legally restrict all that much on guns.

    And most saner GOPers realize the immigration criminals will have to be legalized and eventually receive amnesty. Not all, but the ‘deport ’em all’ crowd are fringe. Just want much tougher border security that can’t be waived by Janet Napolitano declaring border is secure, and don’t appreciate the Schumer-Rubio bill lets two time DWI and domestic violence offenders stay despite claim only lawful (except for immigration law violation) ‘undocumented Democrats’ get amnesty in a decade.

    BTW, in Texas, once they get to being solidly middle class, Hispanics start voting Republican. My wife’s dad was union, and is a Democrat (although if you heard him talk…) and her Tio Fito, also born in Mexico, watches Fox News.

    Even I don’t watch Fox News. (conservative version of equally idiotic MSNBC)

    1. Actually, Ed, The U.S. Supreme Court has found that while there is an “individual right” to bear arms, Congress also has the right–UNDER THE CONSTITUTION–to regulate firearms. Yep, just like Congress has the right to regulate THE FIRST AMENDMENT so that when some jerk shouts “fire” in a crowded theater and 100 people trample each other to death, we can prosecute the jerk. Its also the reason why a private theater company can tell you to “silence your cell phones” or “leave your guns at home.” We ALL HAVE RIGHTS and when one persons right infringes on other peoples rights Congress gets to do what’s called “regulate.”

    2. I’m sorry, but in no way is MSNBC anything like Fox News. Having watched both extensively because I’m a politics junkie, I can tell you this for a fact. MSNBC regularly has both liberals and conservatives on to argue their case without resorting to mockery, and MSNBC does actual reporting and breaks important stories every day (especially Andrea Mitchell.)

      Fox News regularly distorts facts, only has on douchy liberal punching bags, and pretty much just makes a mockery out of the entire idea of being a news organization.

      Even their opinion shows are totally incomparable. Rachel Maddow reports on a lot of really important stories, the people who work on the show do extensive research, and she’s never made a mistake that on the air (that I’ve noticed) without going and making a correction in a later show.

      I’m a broke ass loser, not in any way affiliated with MSNBC, but just someone who thinks it’s important to have good news sources. Not that MSNBC isn’t also out for ratings, but I take great issue with putting them in the same league as Fox News. It’s not even the same sport. CNN, on the other hand …

  2. Just wait until “minority issues” means old, white guys with Porter Wagoner hair and big belt buckles. Looking forward to seeing what other “ethnicities” do with the country. Can5 be worse than the GOP. 😉

  3. The only reason Democrats PRETEND like they care about immigration reform and marriage equality is to get votes. They really do not care about either but will use both issues to get votes. Of course the mindless drones on this website are too caught up in liberal BS to realize this and put two and two together. Democrats have to done this to the black community for years now. Keeping people on welfare is not helping the black community in any way. We now have generation after generation of welfare recipients. Both parties ARE THE SAME. They want power and wealth and nothing else.

    Oh and the government does NOT create jobs.

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