Stupid free market prefers elitist liberal snobs. Boo.

Returns on higher educationAll good conservatives know that higher education is for snobs, and universities are liberal indoctrination camps. So why is the free market rewarding education so much?

If you listen to conservative talk radio, as God intended, then you surely have heard the message over and over again: nobody needs a college education. College education is pointless and a waste of money.  College is just a place where liberals go to masturbate. Real men get by on muscle and the Bible alone. And so on.

A number of leading conservative politicians have even said that they want to abolish the Department of Education, on the grounds that it is a waste of taxpayer money to educate people when all a person really needs to succeed is hard work, a clever idea or two, and some magical libertarian fairy dust.

But while it’s true that anyone can succeed in America (GO USA!), it’s also true that most people don’t succeed in America (THANKS OBAMA).  A true believer in Conservative Principles knows that when people don’t succeed, it isn’t because of some pansy thing like “education”, it’s just because they are lazy and/or black, and therefore deserve to fail.

Unfortunately, although this Conservative Principle is obviously true, the above graph seems to contradict it.  In fact, according to the above graph, the Free Market in the United States actually rewards people with higher educations at a higher rate of return than almost anywhere else in the world.



Clearly, there is only one possible explanation:

College really is pointless and for liberal snobs, but the above graph simply suffers from some kind of liberal bias!!!!

What other explanation could there possibly be?


graph data source: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
graph found via: TaxProf Blog

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  1. Also inconvenient to the anti-education conservatives: their leaders attend high priced fancy private schools and post secondary institutes.

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