What does “post-racial America” look like to YOU?

Post-VRA Voting RulesJune 25th, 2013 was a historic day in America: it was the day the Supreme Court decided that there is officially NO SUCH THING AS RACISM in America!  We can all rejoice.

Now, with the Voting Rights Act effectively killed, every single state in the union is allowed to make any changes they want to their voting rules, policies and procedures without any kind of regulation or review.  Any changes they want.

“What kinds of changes?” you say. Well, it’s funny that you ask. I turned to Twitter with my suggestions, using the hashtag #postVRAvotinglaws, and found that a lot of people had suggestions of their own.

ADD YOUR OWN IDEAS: Make sure to tweet your own suggestions using #postVRAvotinglaws, and the best ones will be added here!

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