Icky Democrats are hypocrites!

You all know the big story in the news this week: DEMOCRATS ARE HYPOCRITES ABOUT SPYING!!! It’s the DEMOCRATS! Look at ’em!!!  EWWW!!!!!

The recent headlines have all told the same story:

Democratic Hypocrisy on Domestic Spying!!

Democrats Outraged That Bush Spied on Them Don’t Mind That Obama’s Doing the Same Thing

Democrats OK with Obama spying on you, not Bush

All good, honest conservatives realize that these headlines are completely accurate, not misleading at all, and represent the complete and unbiased truth of the matter.  This is why the following graph is so very, very dangerous:

Public support for NSA surveillance

Fellow conservatives, we can’t allow this graph to get out.

It might make some people think Republicans are hypocrites, too!

Or worse: It might make people realize that nobody is being a hypocrite…. Americans simply don’t care about being spied on if they like the person in charge.

We don’t want that interfering with our very clear message of:  “Bad Democrats, ICKY POO!”

Clearly, we can’t allow that kind of liberal bias!!!


graph data source: PEW polling data
graph found via: MaddowBlog

3 Replies to “Icky Democrats are hypocrites!”

  1. Blue growing faster than red falling. Plus, I think Bush’s DHS wasn’t about ThinkProgress and MMFA and Center for American Progress and all the other Soros/Tides front groups, whereas Obama is using executive power against conservative groups. If the Tea Party groups (not a member) were some Koch Machine conspiracy, they’d be better organized. OFA/MMFA/ThinkProgress march in goosestep.

    1. I wouldn’t be so sure that the difference between the Democrats’ change and the Republicans’ change is outside the margin of error.

      But more importantly, I think the argument you give exactly illustrates the point in this article: Republicans think Bush’s motivations were benign and Obama’s are sinister, while Democrats think Obama’s motives are benign and Bush’s were sinister. In the end, just like it said in the article, nobody has actually “flip-flopped” their views…. it’s just that they want someone of their own party spying on them, not someone from the other party. LOL

      But to specifically holler the headline “DEMOCRATS ARE SO AWFUL!” because of this sounds …. fake, more than anything. It sounds like political grandstanding, because it’s not the whole picture.

  2. There’s another point: Bush’s spying was illegal and objectionable, but after the laws passed and it wasn’t illegal anymore and actually had oversight, that changed things.

    On the other hand, if that was all it was, I’d expect that both the blue and the red would have risen.

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