How to graph climate change without liberal bias!

Listen up, conservatives! There is a right way and a wrong way to present graphs about climate change. When presented the wrong way, climate change data can lead to all kinds of liberal bias!!!

"Annual Global Temperature Anomalies" blah blah blahFor example, in the radical leftist subversive anti-American Wonk Blog today, there was a graph presented showing that annual global temperature anomalies have been increasing drastically since the 1950’s, and are still increasing today, although the rate of increase seems to have slowed down somewhat.

This graph is obviously way too confusing and filled with liberal bias. First of all, it shows way too much data. Who needs to go back all the way to the 1950’s?  I mean, unless you are looking for inspiration for new women’s issues policies.

Second, this term “global temperature anomalies” sounds pretty vague and suspicious to me. They are probably measuring something weird.

Third, well just look at the graph. Clearly it might lead people to the false conclusion that the climate is changing, when very clearly it is not, because God would never do that. Plus, liberals are very suspicious. Plus, I heard there were some emails that proved global warming is false, or something.

So instead, we present to you the following conservative-approved graph (guaranteed to be free from Liberal Bias):

Ocean Surface Temperature

In this graph, we have limited the data collection to just the last few decades, and we’ve measured something very simple: the surface of the ocean. As you can see, in this graph, there is obviously NO WARMING.

Therefore, global warming is a big hoax.


Now, of course, some people might say that measuring just the surface temperature of the oceans for only 30 years is sort of like saying “I measured the weight of my right hand over the last 5 hours, and from that I conclude that I haven’t gained any weight!”

……But don’t listen to that kind of thing. It’s clearly just another form of liberal bias!!!!


graph 1 found via: Wonk Blog
graph 2 found via: Bob Tisdale’s Blog

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