This breakfast has a liberal bias!

This breakfast is liberal.

Dennis Prager warns about the social, psychological, and moral dangers of this breakfast. We agree with him, but we also think he does not go far enough with his condemnations….

This appeared as a column on some unknown website a couple of days ago: a person named Dennis Prager explains the true visionary conservative position on schools providing breakfasts for poor children. To sum up, in his own words:

1. “A nutritious breakfast can be had for less than a dollar….” and therefore “it is inconceivable that there are homes in Los Angeles that cannot afford breakfast for their child. ”

2. Giving poor children nutritious breakfasts at schools “both enables and encourages irresponsible, uninterested, and incompetent parenting.”

3. Giving poor children nutritious breakfasts at schools “weaken the parent-child bond.”

4. “The free breakfast profoundly weakens young people’s character.”

To sum up, again in his own words: “These are the ways in which the Left has damaged children and families through free school breakfasts.”


These are amazing arguments, but we here at have to ask this:

…WHY are you limiting this argument only to school-provided breakfasts?

Consider this:


Why are our socialist schools providing textbooks for free? A $20 textbook works out to less than 5 cents per day, so it’s inconceivable that anyone would not be able to afford it. If the school provides the textbook, then it just enables bad parents to not buy the books themselves. It also weakens the parent-child bond, because what is more bonding than a parent and child struggling together when they can’t afford textbooks for school?  Finally, giving textbooks to students weakens their character because it makes them assume that they will get free stuff from other people.

Therefore, allowing students to use textbooks without making them pay is destroying the character of our children.



Why do our socialist schools allow students to sit at desks for free? Why are they not paying a rental fee for the year?  Isn’t this sending the wrong message? Doesn’t this just encourage dependency?  Doesn’t this just enable bad parenting, by letting the parents get away with not paying for the child to rent the desk?

It’s a moral disaster, ladies and gentlemen.


…and so on. You get the idea.  You can use this argument to basically demonize anything that schools provide.

So why don’t you, Dennis Prager?  You know you want to.  Go explain to the world that it’s destroying the character of our children that we let them use school desks without paying rent!  Go one: show off your glorious tea-party self!

6 Replies to “This breakfast has a liberal bias!”

    1. THAT’S RIGHT!

      ALSO, why are we supplying police protection for free? Doesn’t that just make it a hand-out and encourage dependency???

      We should DEFINITELY be charging people for police protection, so that only people who can afford it are protected. What, do poor people think they have a RIGHT to not get mugged?

      Stupid poor people.

      1. For the most part we are paying for police protection. There is a certain amount of money that is applied to purchases and income. This is called FEDERAL and/ CITY and/or STATE TAX. While this humorous satire is quite funny, that’s all it is, FUNNY! Furthermore, as you stated in other documents, you seem to believe all republicans are against gay rights. This statement is incredibly false. I am a supporter of the republican party, and yet I can still maintain being a pacifistic vegetarian. There is stereotyping for comedy, and than there is satire for an agenda. Your “humor,” my friend is the latter. Well then again, if you publically supported the republicans, you would be immediately arrested by the KGB MK II… whoops I mean the Obama administration… Yeah, that’s it.

        1. > republicans are against gay rights.

          show me one *REAL* republican who’s ok with bejing puppeteers and kremlin paymasters manipulating gay homozexual faggot fairy commie socialist queenie liberals to destroy our heroic patriotic white christian american way of life.

          Faggie, queer libbie-lover closeted queers like huntsman arent *real* republicans, so you dont get to name any rinos.

          Does cruz?


          David Duke?


          George wallace?


          You got names?

        2. > satire for an agenda.


          thank you captain obvious.

          the agenda is battlign hatred, stupidity, preju8dice and mean-spirited greed in the name of self interest.

          fortunately, The Great Imaginary Invisible Idiot In The Sky” gave us a name of the hateful, stupid, prejudiced and mean-spirited enemy:

          They’re called “conservatives”, and they claim humans reached their pinnacle of success back in the iron age, when men were absolute monarchs, women were walking sperm receptacles and everyone could own as many slaves as they could feed.

          Ahhh, the good ol’ days!

  1. > Your “humor,” my friend

    get your own rhetorical device. that “my friend” B.S. is TOTALLY “last election”.

    Besides, anyone who says “my friend” is definiatively an enemy, as in “You, Mr. Conservative Enemy, need killing. Now. Brutally, by as many gruesome execution techniques as possible, inflicting the maximum possi9ble suffering, teaching you something of the suffering your means-spirited, selfish, “independence-minded” delusions inflicted on us 99-percenters for decades, and centuries, and millenia, maybe eons.

    Ideas: We start our “teaching agenda” with live “flaying” in combination with “slow slicing” (aka: ling chi), simultaneously applying red-hot burning pokers with salt and vinegar dressing.

    For a second course, we’ll serve up some live boiling tenderizing, followed by breaking (bones) on the breaking wheel, just to knock the gristsle out.

    For dessert, we feed you to lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

    Gladiatorial games will seem like a tasdty treat once we’re done with our “teaching agenda”.

    Wont that be fun?

    Maybe when the video goes viralo, some of you chowder heads with remember the lessons you learned in kindergarten: “Wash hands before eating”, “Flush”, “Wash hands after flusing” and most importantly “SHARE”

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