Job recoveries have a liberal bias!

Private Sector Jobs under Bush and Obama

Everyone knows Obama’s job recovery is the most sluggish job recovery in the history of all of humanity, and probably the whole galaxy. So why does this graph show that Bush’s job recovery was even worse?

Some of you might remember that George W. Bush’s first term as president immediately followed a big stock market bust, just as Barack Obama’s first term immediately followed the housing bust.  Although both busts were different, both lead to dramatic job losses that then rebounded.

And according to the above graph, the recovery of private sector jobs during Obama’s presidency was much faster than the recovery under George W. Bush’s presidency!


We’ve heard repeatedly from our conservative leaders that this economic recovery is worst, most sluggish recovery ever since the beginning of time plus a million.  Why is it that we don’t remember the same comments being made during Bush’s term as president?

Some people might point out that the recovery seemed better under Bush because Republicans under Bush allowed private sector jobs to increase, while under Obama they have slashed government jobs as much as possible.

But do not listen to those people. Everyone knows that “government jobs” don’t count. That would just be liberal bias!!!


graph found via: Calculated Risk Blog

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One Reply to “Job recoveries have a liberal bias!”

  1. Government jobs did count under Dubya. But of course they would stop under a Democratic President. Actually my attitude towards that mentality is in the midway between incredulity and shocked disbelief. They can NOT be as blind as to not see that if we’re talking of unemployment, government jobs are as real, at least number-wise.

    I am truly hoping that their “minority charm” effort will turn out to be a net negative, and will end up becoming good get out the vote effort, that will help Democratic Party! And although their attitudes towards minorities leave lots to hope for, in thirty years they will be one of the minorities they now disdain so. What is clear is, that we haven’t reached MLK’s vision by a long shot. So many studies have shown that several firms hire based on skin colour; if a black family walks into a realtor’s they will be shown different houses than a white family with a same family and the same financial positions. So, in effect, a de facto segregation has claimed ground. No, one is not yet judged by the content of one’s character, but the colour of one’s skin enters into too many situations.

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