“Regulations are a burden on business” says Rick Perry

government regulation

Rick Perry says, “Come to Texas where your business won’t be burdened with regulations!” Unfortunately, this graph isn’t cooperating very well with his slogan.


There isn’t too much else to say about this graph, except maybe to point out this:

When Rand Paul says, “We don’t need regulations, just let market forces decide who wins and loses….”

The “market forces” that he is talking about include things like this.

That’s what “let market forces decide” means: the “force” that prevents sloppy businesses from succeeding sometimes include violent explosions.

So there you have it: This is capitalism at work. And we all love capitalism. Therefore, you can’t be mad about this explosion that killed 14 people.  Because that would mean you hate America. Q.E.D.


NOTE: Exact values are not shown in the above graph, but the magnitudes of the bars are estimated based on estimated damages and insurance claims made during comparable tragedies.

4 Replies to ““Regulations are a burden on business” says Rick Perry”

  1. Mr. Perry rails against “Nanny state’ regulations, but it is the lack of enforcing those regulations that has put Nanny into the intensive care ward – at great expense to us little people – instead of the peaceful retirement village.

    Internalize the profits and externalize the costs – that’s the way of conducting American business, for businesses who are just concerned with the bottom line. The problem is congress and most state representatives are more beholden to special interests than the interests of all of their constituents.

    The real or “true” costs of NOT enforcing regulations are evidenced in the graph. The solution is to take money out of politics.

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