Unemployment is at 52.4% (according to FU)

The Complete Unemployment Chart

We have devised the most accurate measure of unemployment yet: the Fox Unemployment (FU) statistic. When calculated correctly, this statistic shows that unemployment is a staggering 52.4%!

It is important to remember that there many different ways to calculate unemployment. If unemployment seems to be decreasing while there is a black liberal guy in the White House, then obviously people are measuring unemployment the wrong way. In fact, we used the logical thought-processes of the great Mark Levin to prove that unemployment was 50% more than 6 months ago.

But with a new jobs report being released, it is important to re-visit this issue in an even more precise and logical way. We have chosen as our starting point a column from the fair-and-balanced FoxNews.com, entitled, “February’s jobs report only looks good because our expectations are so low“. That is obviously a great headline, but it buries a much more important point that is also made in the article.

According to this article, the unemployment statistic is meaningless specifically because it ignores 1) the people who have given up looking for work, 2) the people who are lazy and don’t want to work at all, and 3) the people who are working part time.  All of these things are obviously much, much more important than anything else, even though conservatives never talked about them before there was a black liberal guy in the white house.

Following this logic, we have decided to improve upon the existing set of unemployment measurement standards by adding a new measurement. Because it is inspired by the logic that is used over at Fox News, we are calling it the Fox Unemployment (FU) statistic.

According to the FU statistic, which includes people who have given up looking for work, lazy people who don’t want a job, and people who are only working part time, unemployment under President Obama is actually 52.4%!!!!

52.4%!!!!  Isn’t that INSANE???  Have you ever heard of such a thing before????


Please remember to distribute the above chart to all of your friends and family members.

And if anyone ever tries to tell you that unemployment is less than 52.4%, then all you need to say to them is:  “Oh yeah? What about FU!”


Graph Data Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics Jobs Report
Graph Found Via: Quartz

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