America’s priorities: Homos or Health Care?

Homos versus Healthcare

What do Americans really care about? Do they care about the economy and government spending? Or the fear that radical homosexual elites will take away their freedom? Google trends gives us an answer.

When there is an issue sticking in the American craw, they turn to the Google machine to find out more. Peaks in search volume on a particular topic or keyword usually correspond to news stories related to that topic. The more of a “spike” in search volume a news story gets, the more it shows that the American people as a whole are keyed in to that issue.

That is why the above graph is so fascinating. This graph compares search volume on two somewhat unusual terms that have appeared in big political news stories in the past year:  “chik fil a” and “sequester”.

If you will recall, there was an incident in mid-2012 where the head of the “Chik Fil A” restaurant chain put  a statement out saying that he hates the gay people, which of course all good conservatives know is perfectly reasonable and not prejudiced at all. This then caused radical homosexual activists to protest against Chik-Fil-A. This in turn lead to a counter-protest called “Chik-Fil-A Appreciation Day”, where good conservatives all over the country showed the world important it is to allow people to hate gay people by gorging down on fried chicken.

That appreciation day took place on August 1, 2012, coinciding exactly with the large peak on the above graph.

Over the last several months, the big political topic that has been in the news has been this thing called the “sequester” that started a few days ago. The sequester is a fancy and somewhat awkward name for a set of government spending cuts that reduce or eliminate large portions of our government, including funding for the military, education, and health care. In particular, federal financial support for health care will be one of the items hit the hardest, with the government cutting back on immunization programs, payments for medical screenings, mental health programs and disease tracking program.  In anticipation of receiving less federal money, hospitals have already begun laying people off.

There were some news stories about it last December, because law-makers were doing complicated things in government to delay the sequester until March 1.  March 1 has now come and gone, and the sequester has been the topic of almost every news and talk radio show for the last week or so.

Yet for some reason, the current spike in web searches on “sequester” has less than one fifth the magnitude as the “Chik Fil A Appreciation Day” spike last August.

This is an important lesson for conservative law-makers everywhere.  The Washington D.C. Republicans are out of touch with the average American conservative. While politicians debate about things like “spending” and “health care” and “poor people”, it is obvious that the real American conservative responds to these issues with a big ol’ YAWN.

But when the Radical Homosexual Elites threaten to mess with his Fried Chicken, the average American Conservative sits up (the best he can) and pays attention.

Something to think about for 2014.



Graph Data Source: Google Trends
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2 Replies to “America’s priorities: Homos or Health Care?”

  1. Penalty Flag – the graph ignore the first 3 months of 2013 when the sequester BS really took off. Run the trend for the past 12 months and the sequester beats chik fil a. But, the two are very close in their respective peaks and that still says a lot about the country. Keep up the good work, and don’t get lazy.

    1. I appreciate your eye for detail and wanting to keep us honest!

      However, I’m having trouble finding the result you are seeing.

      Click on the “Google Trends” link listed in the articles as “Graph Data Source”. It brings you to the specific search (although the graph looks a little different now, only because more time has passed).

      Unless I’m reading it wrong, the graph parameters are “the past 12 months”, which includes the first 3 months of 2013. And the peak for the newest data on “sequester” still doesn’t come close to the “chik fil a” peak.

      But if I’m wrong, let me know! Let me know exactly what parameters I should be using, other than the ones you get from the link in the article.


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