Liberals reach a new low with depraved graphs!

Disgusting Graphs

Everyone knows that liberals are obsessed with sex, pornography, deviancy, nakedness, heathen rituals, movies that involve gladiators, and other disgusting non-Christian things.  Conservatives, on the other hand, are righteous and rational.

Never has this been more obvious than in the latest set of so-called “graphs” of so-called “data” from the Treasury Department. In a desperate attempt to make people think that the economy is getting better, when obviously it is not, liberals have resorted to playing on the most base of human drives: LUST.

Look at those graphs! LOOK AT THEM!


Do you see it? Do you see how the liberals are trying to make you subliminally feel better about the economy? Do you see how they are playing on disgusting, anti-Christian, anti-social perversion in a desperate ploy to make you feel happy about the way things are going?

OK, if you can’t see it, maybe this will help:

Disgusting GraphsDisgusting Graphs

It is obvious that since the economy is not actually improving, the liberals will resort to any means at all to lull people into a false sense of positive feelings.

Disgusting graphs.

source: Department of the Treasury

One Reply to “Liberals reach a new low with depraved graphs!”

  1. Great website! Funny. Confused the hell out of me for a bit.
    Glad to see a liberal making actual points.

    But how did Obama increase exports?
    Which Obama policy led to increased business investments, in software and machinery, still below most of bush years, which were all time highs.

    Look at debt to GDP. Look how much they spent. They spent more than all your graphs encompass. $100 billion will move those charts. Govt spending including federal, state and local is over $6 Trillion a year. Liberals say the stimulus and govt spending will do the job. LOOK AT HOW MUCH WAS AND IS SPENT. Where is the money? Do you see it anywhere? Not only are we the richest and most productive country, with govts that collect more tax revenue than anywhere on planet, not only was that not enough, they spent an additional $15 TRILLION to make it happen. $6 TRILLION JUST UNDER OBAMA! WHERE IS IT? WHERE? WHERE?!?!?! Its gone. Next year they will need to borrow a trillion MORE. You guys want more spending? More is the answer? More to drive college tuition higher? More to drive healthcare costs HIGHER? More to drive final stake in heart of public schools? Govt spending IS THE PROBLEM. The only things unaffordable, are the products which govt promised to make more affordable. #librehab @librehab

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