Liberals live 10 years longer than conservatives


Liberally Biased Life Expectancy

There is now mounting proof that the ultra-left wing so-called “real world” is part of a massive liberal conspiracy. New evidence: people who have been indoctrinated by liberal propaganda live 10 years longer than good, anti-elite conservatives!

Now, I can already tell there will be some objections to this graph.

“That’s not fair,” you might say, “Not all conservatives are high school dropouts, and not all high school dropouts are conservatives! You should not be saying that they are the same thing!”  Some people might even say it’s biased to equate “educated” with liberals and “uneducated” with conservatives.

Nothing could be farther from the truth!

My fellow conservatives, here are some things that you really must remember:

Herman Cain said that people should just “educate themselves the old fashioned way” instead of going to school.

Rick Santorum said that anyone who thinks kids should go to college is an elitist snob.

Michele Bachmann said parents know better than schools what children need to learn.

Rand Paul said that the public school system is nothing more than a “propaganda machine”.

Again and again and again, our great leaders have told us what the conservative movement represents: not going to school. So it’s time for us to just embrace it, fellow conservatives. We Republicans ARE the anti-education party!


We must be, right?

I mean, if we weren’t… well, then it would be just stupid to keep electing these people to office, now wouldn’t it?


graph data source: “Health Affairs” research study, graph by Kevin Drum
graph found via: Daily Kos

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6 Replies to “Liberals live 10 years longer than conservatives”

      1. It’s curious, but if you stack the bars together in Liberal Bias’ chart, its really close, but the Democrats win by a point or two. Postgraduates and graduates together have more democrats – the three lesser educated categories together have more Republicans.


  1. The graph compares college grads to HS dropouts. The headline is misleading …. this actually makes liberals look not so bright.

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