Obama made inflation worse! Graphs without bias.

This is a very confusing subject, and in radical ultra-liberal left wing media outlets like the American Institute for Economic Research and Forbes.com you will see people saying that inflation is not worse under Obama than it was under Bush. But they are looking at these numbers in a Liberally Biased way. The correct way to look at these numbers is as follows:

Inflations Rates

For a very long time, fancy economists used this thing called the “Consumer Price Index” or “CPI” (black line) to measure inflation. As a result, the highest level that inflation ever rose to during Bush’s presidency was around 5%.

Recently, economists have realized that the correct way to measure inflation during a liberal presidency is to use the “Everyday Price Index” or “”EPI” (golden line). As a result, the highest rate of inflation during Obama’s presidency has been around 10%.

It is as simple as that. Numbers do not lie.  We have highlighted the two points that you should pay attention to on the above graph (red) that clearly illustrate that the maximum inflation rate has increased under Obama compared to under Bush.

Look only at the red highlighted points.

Do not look at any of the other points on the graph.

Those other points are the ones that lead to liberal bias…..


graph source: American Institute for Economic Research
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: Zachary Pleat

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  1. I don’t know why I’m tagged in your twitter post, but I’ll address Obama’s inflation record just for fun. You see, there’s not enough inflation in America, seriously. More would help. For two reasons, first, the private sector is saddled with a lot of debt, and its paying that down (de-leveraging) instead of hiring people or building new factories, etc. If we had more inflation, though, that debt would be easier to pay down. As $ becomes less valuable, the debt you took out years ago becomes easy to pay.
    Secondly, big banks are sitting on hoards and hoards of cash and they’re afraid to spend it because of all the uncertainty out there. If a rumor were to go around that inflation was going to pick up, then that would encourage people to spend those reserves to buy things, hire people, or maybe pay down their debt.

    So pointing the finger at Obama because he’s increasing inflation is…well..good! No thank you necessary. Paul Krugman outlines it pretty well in his blog here.

    One criticism I have about the notion though, is that inflation would really hurt the poor. If $ becomes less valuable, they’ll be less able to buy food, shelter, and other necessities. But whatever, Im sure tax breaks for the wealthy will trickle right down, just like it did during the Reagan years…

    Thanks guys,

    PS dont tag me in your posts anymore

  2. This is about the most dishonest graft that I have ever seen. You us a point on the CPI for Bush and a point on the EPI for Obama and say ‘look, inflation’. Now that’s apples and oranges.

  3. ONE criticism, Nathan? I’d say that’s a helluva big problem when you push for a new way to make the poor even poorer. And how can you willingly defer to the banks that have a shit-ton of money they’re sitting on because they’re scared to spend it, and think, “OH, I have an idea to make them spend all their cash….Let’s coax those rich bastards into taking riskier investments by, um…making everything unaffordable for everyone else!” Super idea.

    And GG, I think you may be SERIOUSLY missing the point of this website.

  4. It’s pretty hilarious that people don’t get your humor. Some well-meaning liberals are a bit slow on the pickup, and a bunch of conservatives really are clueless.

    I think it’s a pretty funny, on-the-mark lampoon of the contortions conservatives put themselves through in order to find things wrong with reasonable, factual, well-defined ideas of the center (and left).

    I’m enjoying — both your work and the reactions by those who are just a bit thick in the noodle and/or slow on the uptake.

    Thanks for the good work and giggles!


  5. I love your sarcastic observations. Actually, you could probably do a better job with the EPI if you took a good look at how it’s built. It seems that it has a single-minded purpose to make you feel poorer for having a black guy in the White House.

    Actually, all I had to say was, “thank you, and keep up the good work!”

  6. Oh, shoot. I forgot: usually, those who worry most about inflation, have money in the bank, or they’re otherwise hoarding cash.

    If you are working, or especially, if you’re getting Social Security on top of your own retirement, you’ll probably be no worse off for a little inflation, because a certain level of inflation throws a switch that causes your income to go up automatically.

    Anyway, thanks for the site, keep up the good work.

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