Long-term debt projections have a liberal bias!

Long-term debt projections

If Obama has been destroying our economy, then why has the long-term fiscal outlook for the country improved every single year that he’s been in office? There’s really only one explanation: liberal bias!

There really isn’t a lot to say about this graph. Every year, the Communist Budget Office (CBO) predicts what the long-term economy will look like for the country in the foreseeable future if it continues with the same economic policies that it has at that time, the “baseline scenario” for that year.

The year that Obama took office, the CBO was projecting that the total federal debt would explode by 500% in 75 years. In other words, if things kept on going the same way that they were in 2009, with no changes, the debt would be more than 300% of GDP in 75 years time.

Each year that Obama was in office, of course, things changed. We conservatives know that all of these changes were bad, because Obama is a Kenyan socialist who can’t do anything right.

Yet weirdly, this graph shows that each year the projection was revised to show an improvement.

In fact, although conservatives are still telling us today that the debt is exploding out-of-control, this graph shows something different. According to this graph, the current policies in place are putting us on the road to a long-term balanced budget.


Clearly, the CBO’s so-called “long term debt projections” are nothing but witchery and wishful thinking.¬† Just like Nate Silver’s election predictions: just a bunch of liberal bias.


 graph data source: CBO
graph found via: Economic Policy Institute

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  1. Most of your readers would know that CBO = Congressional Budget Office, and you were making a funny with “Communist Budget Office.” But show this to a Bagger, they’re probably too dim to get the sacrasm and will just dismiss the whole article as propaganda…

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