Obama’s God-like control over jobs

This is the third installment of the new monthly column, The Illuminated Truth.

If there is one thing that conservatives know for a fact, it is that Obama has completely unprecedented and almost unimaginable power. He can control gas prices with the wave of a hand, he can control the number of private-sector jobs that get created a month before an election, and he can even control the weather.

So given all of that, this graph opens up a number of important and very suspicious questions.

The REAL Obama Jobs PlanIf you look at the recent trend-line of job creation, and extrapolate forward, jobs will reach the point of “full recovery” exactly in time for the 2016 election season!

Doesn’t that seem a little bit convenient to be a coincidence?

Now, let’s examine the evidence a little bit further.  Job fluctuations have been erratic during almost this entire recovery. Doesn’t it seem like this is unusual? When you think back to previous recoveries, doesn’t it seem like they have generally shown a gradual and continuous improvement as things got better?  Sure it does.

So why is this recovery different?  Many good, rational conservative pundits have put forth a number of theories. Some have suggested that Obama wants to completely destroy the economy, others have suggested that he’s trying to artificially make jobs improve faster just to make himself look good.  But there is another option that is much darker and more sinister than that.

That third option is this: Obama is, behind the curtain, personally manipulating the rate of the job recovery so that it is not too fast, and no too slow…. but will perfectly coincide with the next election!

He is basically setting up the economic environment to try to ensure a Democrat victory in the next Presidential election.

Does Obama really have the power to exercise such exact control over jobs in the private sector that he can time the economy to reach complete recovery to within months of the next Presidential election?

Well, look at the above graph. Isn’t that exactly what seems to be happening?

Trust us.  After all, you can’t doubt your own eyes.


graph data source: Federal Reserve Economic Data
graph found via: economicpopulist.org

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