Talking about specific gun regulations can lead to liberal bias!

Specific Gun Control Policies

Good conservatives know to always, always debate gun control using the most abstract ideas and words possible. Details and specifics have a nasty habit of leading to liberal bias.

This graph about gun control is a perfect illustration of this principle. When the general population is asked about “gun control” in general they quite naturally oppose it. This is because most people associated the idea of “gun control” with “taking away all guns” and “making guns totally illegal” and other vague and mysterious and menacing things.

Unfortunately, liberal law-makers are trying to distort this debate by actually talking about specifics!

For example, they will try to mention things like “banning semi-automatics”, which tricks people by sounding reasonable. They will ask for things like “background checks”, which confuses people because it seems like common sense.


Whenever the topic of gun control comes up, you must remember to always keep it as abstract as possible.

DO talk about these things: rights, freedom, liberty, self-defense, the constitution.

DO NOT talk about these things: waiting periods, background checks to make it harder for criminals to get guns, background checks to make it harder for mentally ill people to get guns, banning automatic weapons for personal recreational use.

Allowing yourself to get caught up in specific details like those will only lead you down the dark and sinister path of liberal bias!!!


graph data source: August CNN/ORC poll
graph found via: Ezra Klein

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