Unemployment graphs: bias vs truth

Unemployment: bias vs truth

There has been a lot of confusion lately about unemployment. Many liberally biased graphs are out there, seeming to show that unemployment is “getting better” and that the economy is “improving” and so on. But these statistics are being presented in a liberally biased way.

How are these graphs liberally biased?

Because these graphs of the so-called “actual” unemployment trend are showing only what happened under a liberal president!  That shows obvious bias, because they are not considering what the graph would have looked like under the conservative alternative!

Above, you can see the correct and proper unbiased graph.  As you can see, although there is a slight decrease in unemployment under the liberal “actual” scenario, it is much worse than the unemployment under the conservative scenario.

This is what Mitt Romney and other unbiased conservatives mean when they say that the president has made the economy worse: the economy is worse than it would be if the United States were operating under true, loyal, patriotic conservative ideals.

Any graph that does not compare so-called “actual” (liberal) data with the conservative alternative is guilty of liberal bias!!!!!

source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
The Maddow Blog (only for the liberal “actual” data)

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