Federal Spending Makes Red States Look Bad!

Red State Socialism

Conservatives are opposed to federal spending, welfare, socialism, and other words that mean all the same thing. Again and again we have heard Republican governors say that they will refuse federal aid, that they will not ask for ear-marks or dole-outs or pig-ears.
Then how is it possible that an overwhelming majority of states that suck from the federal teat are “red states” while an overwhelming majority of states that pay more than their fair share are run by Democrats? Isn’t that exactly the opposite of what it should be?


There is only one explanation. There is a conspiracy afoot. The federal government has been forcing money on these poor states, even though they obviously don’t want it! Federal spending is part of a sinister plot to make conservatives look bad by forcing them to just spend, and spend, and spend money that they don’t have like socialist lazy “urban poor” kids that know how to run really fast.  That’s right I said it!

These numbers can only be interpreted in one way…. liberal bias!!!!

Source: data from CNN.com and taxfoundation.org, graphic produced by Michael Pinto
Via: The Centrist Word

2 Replies to “Federal Spending Makes Red States Look Bad!”

  1. Wow! Once the GOP wrestles the federal government into the bathtub to drown it, there’s going to be a whole of ‘splainin’ to do to the Red States dependent on those icky federal dollars.

  2. You’d have to mistake Fiat Currency printing as equal to labor to believe there is more work in a Wall Street Trade Floor than a Threshing Floor in Iowa.

    Just another sign of how the Statist’s play the game.

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