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Federal Spending Graph: UNSKEWED!!!!

Unskewed Federal Spending

Please begin circulating the above graph immediately. We have created this graph as a response to a liberally biased graph produced by FactCheck.org. We find the above graph to better represent conservative beliefs and values.

The original graph, shown below, might give some people the wrong impression.

Federal SpendingThis original graph could fool some people into believing that spending actually increased more under Bush than under Obama.

This original graph might make some people doubt the idea that Obama has lead the country in an INSANE OUT OF CONTROL SPENDING DEATH SPIRAL.

This original graph might cast doubt upon the notion that Obama is on the biggest spending binge ever since the beginning of time.

This original graph might allow some people to think that Obama’s policies have actually reined in the growth of spending.

Obviously, this is crazy-talk. People cannot be allowed to believe such dangerous nonsense.

Therefore, we present to you the first, unskewed and Tea-Party Approved graph of Federal Spending.  This corrected graph has been altered slightly in order to give the correct visual indication of how awful Obama really is.

After all, the entire point of a graph is to highlight the validity and truth of conservative beliefs and values, right? We have done nothing more than to adjust the graph in order to accommodate the Greater Truth about the Obama agenda.

Please spread the word, and our adjusted graph, as much as possible, in order to reveal to the world what CONSERVATIVE VALUES really look like.

original graph source: FactCheck.org

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7 Responses

  1. sandra

    “Reined in”… like a horse. Not “reigned”. 🙂

  2. Chris

    Wow, those lines are shocking. I knew Obama was a Marxist, but I never knew it was this bad. Thanks liberalbias!

  3. Tomas Bozack

    Thank you, liberalbisa.com! Without you we would never know the Truth.

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