Stupid graph blames Reagan for most of the debt

Reagan Bush National Debt

This graph is obviously false and based on liberal bias and propaganda. It implies that our current debt is mostly due to Reagan, Bush I and Bush II, and only a teeny bit due to Obama. But that can’t possibly be right.

This graph starts in 1981 and shows how the national debt has grown since Reagan took office. As you can see, the debt increased dramatically under the Reagan-Bush I era. Under Clinton, all of the increase in the debt was actually due to interest that was building up from the Reagan-Bush I debt. That is why the red line stays on top of the blue/purple line during that time. Then, when Bush II  takes office, he starts accumulating more debt.  The red line traces out where the total debt would have been if the only money that we owed was based on interest from the Reagan-Bush I years.  The Purple line represents additional spending, on top of that, approved under the Bush years.

Finally, you can see where the purple and blue lines separate. The purple line shows what the debt would be if the only debt  that we took on during the Obama administration was interest on the Bush-era debt. The blue line shows the actual total debt, which obviously is increasing faster than the purple line because of additional spending approved by Obama.

When you look at the total current debt this way, it appears as though a very small portion of our current debt is actually due to Obama’s spending.  It appears as though most of the current debt is due to old debt accrued under Reagan and the two Bush administrations, and interest on those old debts.

But this is obviously false and a liberally biased talking point. We can’t actually find anything concrete that is wrong with this line of reasoning; but we know it’s false. The reason we know it is false is based on this argument:

1) Stop blaming the past

2) Obama should man up

3) Obama wants to destroy the economy, so this is all on purpose.

In the face of the irrefutable logic of these arguments, you can clearly see that the above graph must be wrong. (Even if we can’t really put a finger on why or how.)

To think that this graph could even possibly be right would simply be to give in to liberal bias!!!!

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