Brewer’s yeast has liberal bias!

Liberal Yeast

This is a picture of a single-celled yeast organism. Normally, I would only have good things to say about this little guy, since he is responsible for beer.

However, scientists have recently been involved in a politically-motivated liberal experiment.  By combining the yeast cells with gravity (which, by the way, also has suspect political affiliations), the scientists showed that the yeast cells would cooperate and possibly evolve into multi-cellular life!

First of all, this story is obviously not presenting both sides of the story. If they are talking about the “evolution” of multi-cellular life, should they not also be talking about God’s intelligent design of yeast? Should they not also be talking about the fact that yeast has clearly been designed with a purpose, because why else would it make beer???

But even worse than that, why are these yeast cells cooperating to begin with?


Everybody knows that the source of all success is capitalism, and the root of capitalism is competition, not cooperation! The word “cooperation” begins with “co” just like “communism” does, and that’s not coincidence!

If these yeast cells are cooperating with one another, and “evolving” into multicellular organisms, there really is no way to avoid the obvious conclusion: these yeast cells are LIBERALS!!!!

I have added the appropriate speech bubble to illustrate this fact.

source: The State Column
: Thanks to Jeff from Bray New World for the tip


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