Food Stamp graphs have liberal bias!

Liberal Food Stamp Graph

Look at this tricksy liberal graph. It attempts to mislead the viewer by providing much more information than anyone could possibly need. But we know how to fix that.

The problem with this graph is that it shows changes in food stamps since January 2006. There is no need to go back that far. If you go back that far, it leaves too many openings for liberals to do their dirty work.  For example:

Un-American Liberals might point to that graph and say, “Look at how Obama has been able to decrease the rate of food stamp growth when you compare his inauguration to now!”

Crazy irrational Liberals might point to that graph and say, “Look at how food stamp growth now isn’t really that different from what it was during the Bush administration before the recession.”


Un-Skewed GraphHere we present to you the graph as it should appear. This graph correctly focuses in on the thing that matters: food stamp growth has been exploding out of control for the last several months!!!  Holy cow! Look at that trend line!!! (The red arrow that I drew, I mean!)

This graph correctly provides just enough information for you to focus on, process, and understand. It cannot be cluttered by liberal irrelevancies like “long term trends”.  Make sure that if you have a discussion about food stamps with your unsanitary liberal co-workers, you forward them this graph and then laugh as they cower in fear and wrongness.

Graph Data Source: SNAP, Zero Hedge

Graph Found Via:

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