This cute shrimp has a liberal bias!

Liberal Shrimp

It has been more than a year since the supposed “oil spill” in the gulf. Yet apparently 2011 showed record low catches for shrimpers in the affected areas. What is wrong with these shrimp, and why are they missing?

I will tell you why they are missing: they are part of a liberal conspiracy to demonize oil companies. These shrimp may look cute and appetizing, but do not be fooled!

Obviously this shrimp is a secret leftist liberal. I have added an appropriate speech bubble to illustrate this fact.

Story: Fishing Information & Services
: Discovery News

2 Replies to “This cute shrimp has a liberal bias!”

  1. The shrimp have probably heard that France has just elected a …Socialist (ugh – I could hardly bring myself to type the word) and so they have all swum off to join him. And good riddance.

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