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"Reality has a well-known liberal bias." 

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LOLCats have a liberal bias!

Liberal LOLCat.

A scientific survey of 80 LOLCats shows that LOLCats are 53% liberal, 29% conservative, 12% libertarian, 1% communist, and 5% neutral. This is mathematical proof that LOLCats have a liberal bias!!!

The results of the survey are shown below.

Liberal LOLCats:

Conservative LOLCats:

Libertarian LOLCats:

Communist LOLCats:

Neutral LOLCats:

Please note: some people claim that some of these LOLCats are not categorized correctly. However, this is not our fault because we here at LiberalBias.com are good conservatives and therefore have some difficulty understanding things like sarcasm and irony.
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  1. Tami G

    Remove my photo,, It has a copyright. Voting cat approves your ballot.. big white cat by the USA Flag. Photo was taken 10 years ago.


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