ALERT: The United States has liberal bias!

Final 2012 Electoral Map Has Liberal Bias

Our country is doomed. It is time to admit it: it’s not the media, or the skewed polls, or the academic elites that are the problem. Despite our best efforts, the American people themselves appear to be suffering from LIBERAL BIAS.

The above map proves it. If this country did not suffer from liberal bias, the map would look very different, as we have previously reported.

The liberal bias of the country appears to be so HUGE that it has overcome all of the “unskewing mechanisms” that dedicated conservatives have put in place to correct for the error introduced by Liberal Bias: preventing people from voting early, preventing people from voting at all, buying voting machines, refusing to register Democrats, threatening people’s livelihoods if they don’t vote the correct way, and spending half a trillion dollars on super-secret Super-PAC donations.

When you think about it, for Obama to win by 126 electoral votes and nearly 3 million popular votes even despite these tactics, the actual preference of the people for Obama has got to be….. well, ginormous.

Just think: if we had a straight-forward and honest election, where everyone could vote, they could vote early when they wanted, and where the money spent by both sides was the same, and companies didn’t try to influence the votes of their employees… how big would Obama’s lead be then? 200 electoral votes? 400 electoral votes%? MORE???

We will never know, of course, since we would never, ever allow elections to happen that way in this country.

But regardless, the implications are terrifying.

That is why our mission, between now and the next Presidential election, will be to continue to be your most complete and valued source of information about all of this liberal bias!!!

[NOTE: map updated to show final results on 2012-11-08]

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