Halloween has a Satanic liberal bias and will eat your children

Halloween is Satanism and will eat your childrenHalloween is Satanism and will eat your children

Your children shouldn’t look forward to Halloween, they should be terrified of it. Instead of going out “trick or treating” and dressing up, they should beg you to stay home and read the Bible.

Why? The children’s book “Don’t Make Me Go Back, Mommy: A Child’s Book about Satanic Ritual Abuse” by Doris Sanford will explain it all for you. You should share this with your child, so that he will be so horrified by the idea of Halloween he will beg you to stay home and recite the Lord’s Prayer on October 31st instead of participating in the evil soul-destroying bloodbath that Halloween represents.

Incidentally, the vast Left-Wing Conspiracy wants you to believe that there is no such thing as Satanic ritual child abuse. Their so-called “academics” and “experts” have published numerous books claiming that the idea that Satanists steal children on Halloween to perform Satanic rituals is an urban myth and a hoax. For example: “Making Monsters” by Ofshe and Watters; “Satanic Panic: The Creation of a Contemporary Legend” by Victor; and “Satan’s Underground” by Lauren Stratford. All of these books claim that Satanist Liberals are NOT hell-bent (literally) on stealing your children on Halloween and turning them into disgusting perverted bloody ritual play-things.


No, I thought not.

It’s much safer to just be scared… very scared… of Halloween.


book discovered via: Awful Library Books

5 Replies to “Halloween has a Satanic liberal bias and will eat your children”

  1. Just to let you know that my children and their friends were not taken by Satanic liberals on Halloween.

    In fact, the only thing scary was when we were wondering if Superstorm Sandy was going to ruin this fun holiday, which it is.

    And before you call me a left-wing loony, I actually swing more conservative on a lot of issues.

    Except this one.

  2. You make me fucking sick. People like you are the reason that I know god isn’t anything more than a fairy tale.

    Holy man open up your eyes
    To the ways of the world you’ve been so blind
    As the walls of religion come crashing down
    How’s the ignorance taste the second time around

  3. Speaking of Halloween, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Satan. You may also know me as Lucifer which is actually the name I prefer to travel under since it means “bringer of light.” As such, I am here to “enlighten” you. I have no interest in your children… children bore me. Their sins are so petty and uninspired. I do however take great delight in claiming the souls of hypocritical Christians and delivering them to their just reward. So rest assured that your precious kiddies and babies are quite safe. As to your own pious delusions, however… take great care. You’re not fooling anyone. I see and know a great many things about you. I am always watching you and those like you… and biding my time. Meanwhile, you should just relax and enjoy holidays like Halloween like I do. I rather enjoy the candy and the creative costumes I see. And the wonderful selection of scary movies available are quite amusing. So you have my solemn promise that I won’t come for you on Halloween… but any other night is fair game. Perhaps Christmas Eve would be the most appropriate time for me to claim my prize. But no matter… just about any night will do. Just know that I can take you anytime I want… but not today. Until then, I will just leave you by saying TRICK OR TREAT.

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