Ice Age movie has liberal bias!

Ice Age Bias

Some forms of liberal indoctrination are more subtle than others. The ultra-left wing publication “Scientific American” has published an interview with the makers of the animated film “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs” that reveals a shocking fact: the secret liberal indoctrination agenda of the film.

Art director Mike Knapp claims that in the dinosaur’s “land” in the film you will see no grass, but instead will see lichen and other plant life, because “no grass existed at the time.” This is an obvious slap in the face of, and contradiction to, the Bible, which states very clearly that God created grass on the third day, before he created dinosaurs on the sixth day.

So pay close attention to the background scenery in this supposedly innocent and cute animated movie… and make sure you teach your children that it is filled with liberal bias!!!!

source: Scientific American

3 Replies to “Ice Age movie has liberal bias!”

  1. Seeing an issue with this one…. My kids have the movie and just out of curiosity, I checked it out. On my iPad, at exactly 5 minutes 5 seconds the scene opens with a gazelle (type of thing) grazing with patches of what seems to be grass around him. The scene then goes forward to Diego “chasing” the gazelle type of creature……

    1. From the interview in Scientific American (linked-to in the article):

      “Knapp: Well, you know, to get a lush, dense vegetated area, you know, we’ve got technology that can do grass, but there was no grass at that time. So we tried to find alternatives to that to still make it feel lush. So the lichen became sort of like your base coat of paint to some extent.”

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