Foreign countries have a liberal bias!

Foreigners have liberal bias.

It should be no surprise to anyone that almost every single foreign country in the world has a liberal bias. This is why we in America are unique and so much better than everyone else.

This graph just illustrates the entire magnitude of the problem. The graph is being promoted by some militant radicalĀ  lunatic fringe Facebook page called “Being Communist” or something like that. It clearly shows that the vast, vast majority of the world hates freedom and just doesn’t get it.


Well, there is at least one good bit of news in this graph: Pakistan. Look at Pakistan, there at the bottom of the graph: the shining light on the hill.

Pakistan understands that Mitt Romney is the best person to be the leader of the free world. That is very reassuring. After all, Pakistan might not be the first country when you think about freedom. Or liberty. Or equality.

But… at least they agree with good conservative Americans on gays, guns and women.

And what else really matters, anyway?


graph data source: BBC/GlobeScan/PIPA
graph found via: Facebook Page

2 Replies to “Foreign countries have a liberal bias!”

  1. Foreigners don’t know Mitt Romney, how could they possibly favor him? The overwhelming majority of foreigners wouldn’t recognize his name.

    Also – I notice they *forgot* to poll Israel.

    1. Dear Jeb,

      I am a foreigner and I know who Mitt Romney is, all my friends do, everybody I work with does, and so do my parents. I come from Australia and I am sick of hearing Americans assume that the rest of the world is as ignorant as they are, we are not. Enjoy your bias.

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