Five specific GOP predictions about Obamacare: TRUE OR FALSE?

Back before Obamacare was passed, good conservative Republicans made MANY DIRE PREDICTIONS about all of the things that would go wrong with Obamacare if it was made into law.

Well, most of Obamacare has now been implemented, so let’s see how accurate these predictions were! Specifically, the Commonwealth Fund has released the results of a new survey to find out what people’s real, true, actual experiences with Obamacare have been.

PREDICTION 1: Obamacare won’t really cover any new people!

Republicans were making the sensible prediction that all Obamacare would do is make lazy people even lazier by making the taxpayers pay for their insurance, but it would not actually insure more people.


Obamacare: Uninsured Rate Declines

(About 9.5 million adults gained new coverage, and that figure does not include children.)

PREDICTION 2: The coverage provided by Obamacare will be worse!

Republicans predicted that people will be worse off with Obamacare plans than they were before, because Obamacare is socialist and socialism is always bad.


Obamacare: people are better off

(Fifty-eight percent of those who signed up for Obamacare — either for Medicaid or private insurance — said that they were better off than they were before than had their new insurance plan.)

PREDICTION 3: People will hate the Obamacare plans!

Republicans were frantically going around finding people who didn’t like their new Obamacare plans in order to prove that everyone hated it.


Obamacare: most people like their coverage

(78% of the people surveyed reported being satisfied with their new Obamacare insurance.)

PREDICTION 4: People signing up won’t even use the coverage!

Obamacare will be forcing people to buy coverage that they won’t even use!


Obamacare: most people have used their coverage

(Three out of five enrollees have used their new insurance — most were people who couldn’t afford care before.)

PREDICTION 5: Obamacare will cause long lines and wait times, nobody will be able to get appointments!

Just like in Canada, right!?!?


Obamacare: most people got appointments quickly

(More than a third were able to get appointments within a week, more than half were able to get appointments within two weeks.)


The Republican predictions about the failure of Obamacare are…. well, just look at the graphs!

I think “Close Enough!” pretty much captures it, don’t you?

People’s opinions of healthcare have a liberal bias!

Opinions of the healthcare systemEverybody in the United States loved the way our healthcare system was before Obamacare came along. So how DARE this graph suggest otherwise?

If you listen to truthful radio programs, like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin, then you know that every single citizen of the United States believes that we have the most amazing perfect health care system in the world. They are constantly telling their listeners that our health care system is the BEST, there is nothing wrong with it, and that it is stupid for Obama to try to change something that was perfect to begin with.

The guests on their show all, without exception, call in so that they can tell Sean and Rush and Mark that their health insurance was more awesome than angel kisses and more colorful than a unicorn’s ass, and they are just pissed off that Obama wanted to come along and make it different.

So how is it possible that this survey shows that the overwhelming majority of Americans believe that the U.S. healthcare system is fundamentally flawed?

I don’t know where these surveys are getting their “numbers” or “facts” or whatever you want to call it… but clearly, this survey must have some kind of liberal bias!!!


Graph Data Source: Survey by the Commonwealth Fund
Graph Found Via: Bernie Sanders’ homepage

Polls with more than 2 answers have liberal bias!

Obamacare Polling Data

Everyone knows that there is only one proper way to word a polling question about Obamacare: do you think it is perfect in every way, or do you hate it?

So the CNN / ORC poll questions, results shown above, are clearly improper and are filled with liberal bias.

Why? Because this poll allowed people to give three possible answers. Instead of simply asking “Approve” or “Disapprove”, it allowed the people who disapprove to rate it as either “Too Liberal” or “Not Liberal Enough”.

This kind of verbal gymnastics is way too complicated for good, normal Americans to deal with. Why?

Because when it was phrased this way, it makes it seem as though…. well…. somehow, it seems as though Americans are overwhelmingly liberal!

Look at the graph. When you combine the people who approve of Obamacare with the people who disapprove because they think it is not liberal enough, it adds up to about half of all Americans! On the other hand, only about 39% think that Obamacare is too liberal.

WTFBBQ, America?

This is not an acceptable result.


We are much happier with a poll that simply combines all of the “Oppose” answers together, because that gives the impression that only 38% if Americans “approve” of Obamacare …. and, you know, we can just let people assume that everyone who doesn’t “approve” of Obamacare must agree with the Tea Party.

After all, that’s the strategy used by the New York Times and others: ask “approve” or “disapprove”, and let the pundits decide what “disapprove” means.

Actually allowing polls to have more than two answers… well, that just leads to liberal bias!!


[Hat Tip to Jeff from Bray New World for the the story and polling links.]

Radical new conservative movement denies that humans exist

Humans are a figment of God's imagination

In an effort to combat liberal bias in science, a new conservative religious movement fights “evolutionist propaganda” by denying that human creation ever happened.

Over the last several decades, there have been two major public fracas between Science and  Religion: Global Warming and Evolutionism. Although religious conservatives have had a great deal of success in convincing people that global warming is a hoax, they have not had the same level of success on the topic of evolution. Among the incredibly intelligent United States voters, only 41% believe in human-caused climate change, but a whole 63% believe in evolution in some form.

Obviously, conservatives have to step up their game in combating this evolutionism stuff.

Pastor William Jennings, of the First National Church of the Real Conservative Jesus, believes that this difference is due to a difference in the approach being made in each debate.

“In the debate about global warming, conservatives have taken the strongest, largest, hardest, most extreme position possible: they have simply denied that global warming exists at all. If they had taken some kind of wishy-washy, in-between stance, like insisting that global warming is happening but it’s too late to do anything about it, or that it’s happening but it’s not entirely caused by humans, then the message wouldn’t have been as effective,” explains Jennings. “The only way we have convinced people has been to be as extreme as possible.”

Jennings goes on to explain that this is not what conservatives have done in the evolution argument. “The real core question, philosophically, is how did humans come into existence? Instead of debating whether humans came into existence this way or that way, conservatives should follow the lead of Global Warming Deniers: simply deny that humans came into existence at all.”


Humans are a figment of God's imaginationThe First National Church of the Real Conservative Jesus has been teaching that in fact, human beings do not exist. If humans do not exist, and have always not existed, then there is no need to even ask the question of how they came into existence.

“It’s kind of a combination of Aristotelian philosophy and solipsism,” says Jennings. “Since God has always existed, and we are a figment of God’s imagination, then not only do we not exist, but we’ve been a figment of God’s imagination for an eternity. Therefore the whole idea of a ‘beginning’ of humanity is just the wrong question to ask.”

Although this philosophical movement is very new, it certainly seems to have a great deal of potential. Very recently, California Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher got a lot of press for claiming that global warming is a complete hoax perpetrated simply to try to generate a world government.

“If we could just convince people that the whole idea that humans were created at all is also a hoax,” suggests Jennings, “That just might be extreme enough to convince more people that evolution is wrong.  Or at least, to convince more Republicans.”


College Republicans Survey: What next for the GOP?

Reinventing the GOP

Reinventing the GOP

A report by the College Republican National Committee released Monday found that most young Republicans are Democrats. Yet all is not lost! The report also gives tips on what the GOP can do to change!

You can read the entire report for yourself (PDF), but we should warn you: it is filled with corporate double-speak and fluffery. So, to help you out, we have translated key passages from the original document into normal, straight-forward and honest English, below.

Alternatively, you can simply watch our video prediction about the Future of the Republican Party, since it pretty much mirrors the results of this survey.



Paraphrased from page 3:  Conventional wisdom incorrectly holds that young people naturally favor Democrats. While it is true that the Democratic Party is on a recent winning streak with the youth vote, Ronald Reagan held the record for winning the highest proportion of young voters at 59% in 1984.  And there is nothing at all awkward about having to go back 30 years to find the last time we were popular with people under 30.


Paraphrased from page 11:  Only about one-third of young Republicans watch Fox News. Which is a big part of why we are so massively screwed.


Paraphrased from page 17:  Would investing more in Facebook/Twitter advertising and in building a stronger Facebook/Twitter fan-base be useful to Republican candidates? Certainly… So what makes a shareable Facebook post or Tweet? There is still significant research to be done, but one study showed that in the 2012 election, the posts that got the most attention and engagement on Facebook coming out of the Obama campaign were posts about the Obamas’ family life. So obviously more racist memes about Michelle Obama and her children would be a big plus.


Paraphrased from page 21:  In an October 2012 survey conducted by The Winston Group, 24% of 18- to 34-year-old voters said they got most of their political news on a smartphone. This creates a problem for Republicans, since many prominent Republicans don’t know what a smart phone is.


Paraphrased from page 29: Much of the conversation around young voters and the GOP’s policy positions has focused on the “social issues” and, in particular, the issue of same-sex marriage. Young people simply diverge from the position held by many Republican leaders, and the best suggestion we can come up with is that you guys simply stop talking about that crap. Seriously. Just stop.


Paraphrased from page 31: An outright majority of young Republicans still think Republican policies are to blame for the Great Recession, which is so weird because we totally tried to skew the answers in our survey to get them to choose other things.


Paraphrased from page 36: Young people don’t actually care about “small government”.  This is why Sean Hannity hates young people.


Paraphrased from page 38: Overwhelmingly, respondents in the focus groups thought the problem was not just that too much money was being spent, but rather that it was being spent on the wrong things.  This is why Paul Ryan hates young people.


Paraphrased from page 39: Perhaps most troubling for Republicans is the finding from the March 2013 CRNC survey that showed 54% of young voters saying “taxes should go up on the wealthy.”  This is why John Boehner hates young people.


Paraphrased from page 65-67: Perhaps no topic has gotten more attention with regards to the youth vote than the issue of gay marriage. And on this issue, the conventional wisdom is right: young people are unlikely to view homosexuality as morally wrong, and they lean toward legal recognition of same-sex relationships.

Among those respondents who said that same-sex marriage should be legal (a full 44% of young voters), half said that they would probably or definitely not vote for a candidate with whom they disagreed on same-sex marriage, even if they were in agreement on taxes, defense, immigration, and spending.

In the short run, as we wait for the Supreme Court rulings on the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8, the best course of action for the party may be to bravely take every side of the marriage equality debate… or simply not talk about it at all.


Paraphrased from page 72: For the GOP, being thought of as closed-minded is hardly a good thing. But if the GOP is thought of as the “stupid party,” it may as well be the kiss of death.  STUPID! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! DO I NEED TO MENTION YOU BY NAME???


Paraphrased from page 74: Therein lies the opportunity for the GOP. Yes, the Democratic Party is currently winning on the attributes of being caring and open-minded. But the great news for Republicans is that while those items matter, they are not the only things that matter!  Intelligence, competence, hard work, and responsibility matter a lot too!

Of course, Republicans aren’t seen as competent, hard working, or intelligent… but the point is that they could be, if they changed. A lot.


Paraphrased from page 79: Focusing on opportunity trumped narratives around the constitution, liberty, and American values. So basically, all of the rhetoric that conservative Talk Radio has been promoting for the last 5 years has been completely destroying Republican chances with young people.


Paraphrased from pages 80-82: STOP ELECTING STUPID PEOPLE!


Paraphrased from page 84: The Republican Party’s struggles with young voters are well-documented and stem from a number of sources. The question now is what to do about it. We do not pretend to have a magic answer that will turn the tide completely. So our recommendation is basically this: get rid of old people, get rid of religious people, get rid of stupid people, and use Facebook.



[This ends our paraphrased summary of the CRNC Survey Results]

Liberally biased poll results make Sean Hannity cry

Who do you trust more?

Who do you trust more?

Sean Hannity is such a hard worker. For weeks, he has been yelling about how Benghazi is the worst scandal since the beginning of Time and is evidence of the complete downfall of liberal philosophy. I hope recent poll results don’t upset him too much.

The guilty party is a recent PPP poll which shows that the American people overwhelmingly trust Hillary Clinton, and do not trust House Republicans, on the topic of Benghazi, and generally don’t think that Benghazi is that important… at least not when compared to other things, like gun control or immigration reform, or even other scandals, like Watergate.

This must be confusing for poor Sean.  (I feel comfortable calling him “Sean”, because he seems so cuddly.)  Didn’t he spend 60 solid minutes on his radio show this week explaining that the Benghazi scandal was actually evidence of the complete failure of all liberal philosophy?  Hasn’t he had guest after guest on his show declaring that the only logical conclusion that anyone could possibly come to is that Obama staged Benghazi in order to promote his radical world-Muslim agenda? Has all of Sean’s hard work gone completely to waste?

The worst part of it all, however, isn’t in the overall results of the survey, but in the breakdown (or “cross-tabs” to use fancy statistics terminology) of the results by party, shown in the two graphs that we have included in this article.

After all, we can expect that Democrats are all socialist takers who want to destroy America because they see Obama as a friendly black sodomite Santa Claus (which they love).

But what about Republicans?

The graph above clearly shows that although most Democrats trust Hillary and most Republicans trust Congress, there are more Republicans who defected betrayed blasphemed said that they trust Hillary than there are Democrats who said they trust Congress.

Is Benghazi the worst thing ever?

Similarly, the majority of Republicans do not believe that Benghazi is OMG THE WORST THING EVER SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME.

What is wrong with you, stupid Republicans? Aren’t you paying attention to Sean Hannity????

Clearly, these so-called Republicans are not in completely lock-step with Sean Hannity’s agenda.  Even after all of his hard, hard work.

Poor Sean.

Obviously, this can only be explained by invoking the sinister forces of liberal bias!!!!


PPP Poll Results with crosstab data: Americans trust Clinton over GOP on Benghazi (PDF)

Cross-Tab graphs created using: CrossTab Grapher

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POLL RESULT: the public blames Obama for the sequester!

Obama takes the blame!Every day this week, talk show hosts and radio commentators have been saying that the public blames Obama for the sequester. They are obviously referring to the above poll results.

Consider these headlines:

Obama poll numbers take a post-sequester dive

Sequester Blowback: Obama Plummets to 43%

Poll: Obama’s Not Winning The Sequester Fight

Obama Suddenly Not Winning the Sequester Fight

Poll: Obama approval drops seven points on sequester worries



Holy Cow! Just look at those headlines! It’s almost as if the poll didn’t even ASK the corresponding question about the approval rating for Republicans in Congress.

…and naturally, we would have preferred it if they hadn’t.

This is why we have added some small highlighting arrows to the above graph, to make sure that you are looking at the correct part of the graph, and do not succumb to liberal bias!!!


graph data source: ABC News/Washington Post poll
graph found via: Langer Research


Numerical Deficit

People vote on reality.

This graph proves that the Federal Deficit is getting bigger. Anyone who disagrees therefore hates freedom and democracy, and clearly has a liberal bias.

According to this graph, 62% of the people voted to believe that the deficit is getting bigger, 28% voted to believe that it is roughly the same, and only 6% voted to believe that the deficit is shrinking. By a clear majority, the American people have decided that  the deficit is increasing.  In a representative government like the United States, that means they must be right.

Numerical DeficitNow, if you are weak-willed or easily confused, you might point to other graphs that seem to show the numerical value of the deficit decreasing every year since 2009.   From that, you might be fooled into believing that the deficit is not increasing.

But saying stuff like that is to completely disrespect the power of the people.  If someone says that the deficit is “actually” decreasing and that 90% of the people are “wrong”, you need to respond by saying:


Then you will have obviously won the argument.

As Mitt Romney’s noble and glorious presidential campaign said: we will not allow our beliefs to be dictated by fact-checkers!


graphs found via: Steve Benen, MaddowBlog (graph  1) (graph 2)

Trust has a liberal bias

Trust has a liberal bias

Trust has a liberal bias

Liberals are tooting their horns over this graph, but they are interpreting it wrong. All this graph really means is that trust has a liberal bias.

According to poll conducted by the far-left communist organization, the Wall Street Journal, more Americans trust Democrats than Republicans to handle domestic issues like health care, social security, energy, the economy, and looking out for the middle class.

But that is why good conservatives know that a government can’t be based on mushy, squishy-feely emotions like “trust”.  Sean Hannity, the Wise and Just, has been harping on this very issue on his radio show for the last several days now.  “Democrats are good at manipulating people’s emotions,” he says. “Democrats win by getting people fired up.”

That’s what “trust” is, folks. A stupid, irrational, liberal emotion.  We, as conservatives should be proud that the American people don’t “trust” the Republican party!

After all… look at voter ID laws, Gerrymandering, and our attempts to roll back the Voting Rights Act.

It’s pretty clear that we don’t trust the American people, either.


graph data source: NBC/Wall Street Journal poll
graph found via: Steve Benen, Maddow Blog

Are you one of the 87% ?

The 87 Percent

The 87 Percent

According to a recent poll, 87% of Americans consider the word “Republican” to be synonymous with greed, racism, and violence. We know how to fix that.

Of course, by “fix that” we don’t mean change people’s minds. Recent history has shown that conservatives are not very good at that. However, we have learned how to unskew polls.

Thanks to the methods and technology used  in the last election, we have learned to reason this way: Since there are two sides to every issue, and “fair” means 50-50, any statistic must be corrected so that it reflects 50% the opinions that agree with Republicans and 50% the opinions that agree with Democrats.

Since we now know that 87% of the people have liberal bias, we must remember to compensate for this in all of our calculations.

Here is an example:  Obama’s approval is currently 55%.

But that is only because 87% of the people unfairly think that Republicans are greedy, racist dickwads. To be fair, we should assume that only 50% of people think that Republicans are greedy racist dickwads.  Therefore, Obama’s approval rating is really

55%  x  (50/87)  = 32%



See how unskewing works?

Now that you know how it’s done, make sure you unskew all of your friends when talking to them about politics.

Remember, if you don’t do this, then people might think you are one of the 87%, and guilty of liberal bias!


Data Source: NSON Opinion Strategy
Data Found Via: The Allegiant
Graph By:

The Founding Fathers would suppress Obama’s votes, too.

Wackos have liberal bias.

An insightful article by Steve Sailer published this amazing graph, showing that only losers, weirdos and fringe-people support Obama. We think this is proof that America needs to go back to an originalist interpretation of the Constitution, and just not let these freaks vote!!

First, let’s take a look at some of the deeply moving, profound and insightful observations that Steve makes about this graph that he has produced.

He observes: “Obama’s is an absurd coalition. It can be motivated only by exacerbating the bitterness of its members toward people fortunate enough to be closer to the heart of America. The correlation between being an Obama supporter and personal unhappiness, alienation, or dysfunction is not coincidental. The iconic Obama supporter is the black single mother.”

This is so true, and not said often enough! Essentially, the people who support Obama have nothing in common with one another except that they are losers who don’t represent the stereotypical 1950’s American ideal! There is clearly no reason that blacks, Muslims, single women, and people of unspecified sexual orientations would all agree on anything, except that they are pissed off that they don’t get to sit at the Cool Kid’s table.

He continues: “In contrast, Romney’s most supportive group is Mormons. Then come married white Protestants, white Protestants, married white men, married whites, married white women, white Catholics, whites, married men, and so forth: Americans who have a life.”

Once again: SO TRUE! Look at the groups at the top of the graph, who support Obama. Obviously, none of these people have lives! How could they? I mean, I’m actually asking: how could they? I’m not sure, since like Steve I’ve never actually met or seen any of these people in my entire life. But I hear about them on television all of the time. Mostly, I assume they commit crimes.

Finally, he concludes: “The plan fact is that the core of Romney’s support is the core of the nation: the kind of people who built America into the world’s leading country and who still keep it running.”

Bravo. To sum up: black, unmarried Jewish renters clearly play no role in running this country. That would be stupid.

NOW! Although we here at clearly can have nothing but praise for Mr. Sailer’s analysis, we do feel that he stops short of the obvious next step in his reasoning.

Look at the situation that the above graph is illustrating. Isn’t it clear that this is exactly what the founding fathers had in mind when they so wisely decided that only white male property-owners could vote!?

Liberals would have us believe that they were influenced by racism or prejudice of some kind, but what Stevie observes in his article is that our grand and wise founding fathers simply knew this fact:


Period, the end. If you aren’t doing well, if you aren’t the person up to whom everyone looks, if you aren’t the person that everyone longs to be, then get the hell out of the game and quit slowing us down!

It is time to take a sober step back, and think once again, as TRUE CONSERVATIVES, about what it means to take an originalist interpretation of the Constitution.

The Founding Fathers, in their infinite and divinely inspired wisdom, foresaw this very day, the 2012 election, and that is why they didn’t want those people to vote.

So do your duty on election day: go out there and make sure that the only people who can vote in your district are the people that George Washington and Jesus intended: white married Protestant Cathololic Mormons….  just like you!


graph data source: graph created by Steve Sailer based on a Reuters-Ipsos Poll
graph found via: “Obama Fringe vs. Romney Core” by Steve Sailer

Poll sampling has a liberal bias!

Graph of Bias.

The above graph does not have liberal bias. Quite the opposite: it suggests a brilliant way to fix the liberal bias that can usually be found everywhere in facts, statistics, and data in general.

This graph, produced by a very credible anonymous person on the internet who uses the nickname “NumbersCruncher” who posted it on Twitter and then had it later published on the extremely reliable news source The Blaze, clearly shows that most of the election polls suffer from a “sample advantage” of Democrats over Republicans.

What does “sample advantage” mean? It means that they polled more Democrats than Republicans.  As you can see, every poll except Rasmussen sampled more than 4% more Democrats than Republicans, and every poll except Rasmussen shows Obama having an advantage. The conclusion is obvious: the only reason these polls show and advantage for Obama is that they surveyed more Democrats than Republicans!

Now, the people who do the polls might say something like this: Consistently, likely voters have actually consisted of 3% more self-described Democrats than Republicans, and in the last presidential election the voting population actually was made up of 7% more Democrats than Republicans. Therefore, our survey sample simply reflects the statistical reality of the make-up of the voting population.

But that’s stupid.

Obviously, the only way to have a fair and unbiased survey is to poll half of the people on one side, and half of the people on the other. I mean, that’s just common sense. When there are two sides, the fair thing to do is to survey half from one group and half from the other. Fair means both sides are equal. Nothing could be more obvious. Check your gut feelings: doesn’t that seem fair?

Therefore, we propose that the genius method suggested by this anonymous internet person in the above graph actually be applied even more widely.  For example:

To determine whether global warming is true, survey 100 climate change supporters and 100 climate change deniers.

To determine whether evolution is true, survey 100 evolutionists and 100 creationists.

To determine whether English should be the national language, survey 100 people who believe that English should be the national language and 100 people who think it should not.

Quite plainly, this is the best way to get good, conservative statistical results.

Anything else would just be liberal bias!!!!


Graph Data Source: who knows? some anonymous person made it and posted it on Twitter. That’s how we know it’s true.
Graph Found Via:



National conventions have a liberal bias!

Biased conventions.

We have put together this graph based on data from the Rasmussen survey data website, to illustrate a problem with the political process in America today. Specifically: national nominating conventions appear to have a liberal bias!

It is common knowledge that a party’s candidate is supposed to get a “bump” as a result of their party’s national convention. In a fair and unbiased society, therefore, we would expect Obama’s approval rating to go down during the Republican national convention and his approval to go up during the Democratic national convention, and in the end there would be no real difference.

According to the always virtuous, reliable, and fair Rasmussen poll, Obama’s approval went from +1 (50-49) at the beginning of the Republican convention week down to -3 (48-51) at the end of that week, plummeting by a disastrous 4 points.

However, according to the same poll, during the Democratic convention Obama’s approval went from -4 (48-52) up to 5 (52-47) at the end of that week, an increase of 9 points! That is more than double the size of the effect of the Republican convention, and even pushes Obama’s approval greater than his disapproval.

What is wrong with you stupid conventions, why are you being so unfair to Republicans??


Luckily, there is one good thing we can get from this graph:Look at the difference between “Total Disapprove” and “Strongly Disapprove.”  Over time, this has been getting smaller and smaller, so that we are almost to the point where every single person who disapproves of Obama at all has an absolute searing hatred of him!

Sure, some people might call this “radicalization of the fringe”….. but for good conservatives, it is called “progress.”


Data Source:
Graph Created By:

The word “approval” has liberal bias!

Approval has liberal bias

How is it possible that the WORST President in history (Barrack Obama) and the BEST President in history (Ronald Reagan) have had almost identical approval ratings for the first 1000 days of their term? Especially when it is so obvious that everybody hates Obama!?

Well, after much consideration we have determined that the problem must be in the way the survey is asked.  That’s right, the actual word “approval” must have a liberal bias!!!!

Source: Gallup Polling Organization Data
Via: USA Today