Liberal bias at the Oscars is deeper than you thought

The Wolf of Wallstreet is just one of ALL of the movies with liberal propaganda at the Oscars!
The Wolf of Wallstreet is just one of ALL of the movies with liberal propaganda at the Oscars!
The Wolf of Wall Street is just one of ALL of the movies with liberal propaganda at the Oscars!

Hollywood is the propaganda arm of the Obama administration and the Democrat party. To most people, this is obvious. After all, most actors are French and gay, and the popular movies are all just propaganda to turn you into a pot-smoking gay person as well.

However, the liberal bias in this year’s Oscars is even deeper than most people have ever suspected! After performing an in-depth analysis, looking specifically for liberal bias in movies nominated for Oscars, you will be shocked to find out what I uncovered.

American Hustle

First of all, only infants who require them for sustenance should be able to see that much sideboob.

Secondly, how can it possibly be a coincidence that right around the time Chris Christie, a beloved New Jersey politician, has his ethics called into question by the liberal corporate media, a movie comes out where Carmine Polito, a beloved New Jersey politician, has his ethics called into question and ends up in prison?

It’s obvious that the corporate media waited to reveal what Chris Christie would have done if he did it so they could release an allegorical film about it and nominate it for ten Oscars.

Captain Phillips

You’re probably thinking “Hey, there’s no way a movie about the United States military laying the smackdown on some African-American thugs can be liberal propaganda!”

(You might also be thinking the movie is about Somali pirates hijacking a Navy ship, so by definition they are in no way African-Americans and my characterization of them as such is incredibly racist. Well you’re right! About the first part, I mean.)

The source of the film’s liberal bias is evident in what it was nominated for. Tom Hanks, who played the good guy in the movie, was not nominated. Barkhad Abdi, the film’s antagonist, was nominated for Best Supporting Actor. Why would they do that, unless we are supposed to root for the pirates?

It’s the same as when the Academy nominated Heath Ledger for The Dark Knight; it was because the Joker was the character we were supposed to root for. And why not? The Joker represents a true American patriot taking his country back from big government Batman.

Dallas Buyers Club

The first minutes of Dallas Buyers Club are amazing. FINALLY, after years of Matthew McConaughey languishing in mediocre girl movies, he’s back in full force playing a red-blooded real American. He wears cowboy hats, rides bulls, and drinks beer…until he gets HIV and all of a sudden he does the one thing no real conservative would ever do!

His character fundamentally changes as a person, going from a selfish homophobe to a tolerant, empathetic activist who befriends a transgendered person and ends up helping hundreds of people with AIDS in Dallas, Texas.

What a shame.


There is one thing Gravity does right: it shows that being a single mother is immoral, because Sandra Bullock’s character, Dr. Ryan Stone, was a single mother and her daughter died. Would her daughter have died if Stone were not a strong independent woman who did not need a man? Who knows? But probably not.

Where Gravity falls into the orbit of liberal propaganda is when America, the only country to ever actually go to space (look it up), is unable to do anything to help Sandra Bullock. Who ends up providing help to her in her journey back to Earth from seeming inescapable peril in the infinite void of space? China! Yes, China! The people who own 100% of our debt and apparently wrote 100% of this movie.


If there is anything we have learned from history, it is that progressive causes always fail. It is abundantly clear that in the near future, people will respect the sanctity of marriage and the virtues of not having pre-marital sex. Yet in this movie, the opposite seems to be true.

Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix) falls in love with his computer named Samantha (Scarlett Johansson), and they have sex! Yes, sex! Kind of. I’m not married so I assume that whatever they did was sex. How am I supposed to know?

This suggests that Spike Jonze sees the future as a place where 1. gay marriage is an accepted norm and 2. because of this, now people can marry their dog, their sister, and yes, even their computer. Clearly that’s not going to happen…but we all know it is the liberals’ wet dream!


How dare Alexander Payne make a movie in black and white only to name it after an American state? Everybody knows that black and white movies are for French people. We watch our movies in color!


I actually have not seen Philomena because it is a British movie and I am an American. I did accidentally see the trailer during a screening of Grown Ups 2 a few months back so I think I know enough to write about it. In the trailer, we learn that the title character, played by Dame “Judi” Dench, had a baby but the unfairly villianized Catholic Church made her give the baby away.

Fifty years later, her EUROPEAN baby becomes an AMERICAN congressman…who is a Republican! Other than the very Canadian and very secretly liberal Ted Cruz, all Republicans are American. How dare they suggest otherwise.

12 Years a Slave

Film critic Armond White took to Fox News to explain why 12 Years a Slave is liberal propaganda a few days ago. I was going to just embed video of him talking about the movie, and then I asked myself…what show did he go on to do this?

The answer: the liberal propaganda show Red Eye! True to form, Armond White said that this movie is liberal propaganda because it fits the liberal narrative that racism is over.

WHAT? Racism IS over. Just ask the Republican National Committee..

This proves that Armond White’s assertion that 12 Years a Slave is liberal propaganda is meant to distract everyone from the fact that it actually is liberal propaganda!

Wheels within wheels, people!

The Wolf of Wall Street

When I first saw this movie, I thought that it was the best representation of the greatness of capitalism since Atlas Shrugged. Jordan Belfort and people like him are heroes who, in doing what was best for them, ultimately did what was best for everyone.

It’s a shame that big government had to tear them down, resulting in the big economic collapse in 2008. It seemed like there was no way the Academy would ever honor a film that presented capitalism in such a positive light, until they did…

Director Martin Scorsese and star Leonardo DiCaprio have explained time and time again that apparently my view of the film is entirely inaccurate. La la la la la la la la la, I can’t hear them over the sound of how glorious the raping and pillaging of the American middle class was for freedom and liberty.

So there you have it… all of the liberal bias I was able to find by looking really, really hard for it. That’s the amazing thing about liberal bias… the more you look for it, the more you can find it in everything!