How Oprah Winfrey lost her way to the liberal agenda

Oprah Winfrey should be a conservative. She would make an awesome conservative. That is why it is so disappointing that she has strayed.

Think about it. She has defied all odds, choosing the path of color-blindness, as she has ignored the limitations of her own skin color. She has come from poverty, and yet has become the most powerful woman in the world.

She didn’t just pick herself up from her bootstraps; she threw those old raggedy shoes away and put on some fresh Christian Louboutin’s. She defines capitalist truths with her unwavering faith in the invisible hand, which has touched her in a way that no other hand could.

With her faith in God and in the free-market, Oprah has gained more fiscal success than any female currently in the world. You would think this puts her in the perfect position to be a symbol and a herald for conservative Godly free-market success!

Oprah Winfrey's evil socialist tendenciesAnd yet… amidst all that God has done for her financially, blessing her immeasurably, she has chosen to defy His love, and support the work of former-evangelical mega-church pastor and socialist Rob Bell.

Who is Rob Bell? Bell is the author of multiple books, most notably, Love Wins, where he unapologetically dismisses the truth of a wrathful, judgmental, and hateful God for a generous and all-loving God who would never send a person to burn in Hell consciously for eternity, let alone billions of people.

“No-Hell Bell” outright dismisses the Biblical truth of Hell in his work, as I’m sure he will in his soon-to-air interview with Oprah.

This dismissal of God’s Word isn’t the only frightening and shamefully liberal move Bell has made in his ministry career. His former church, Mars Hill Bible Church, is known to promote socialist dogma to their 10,000 member community.

A couple of years back, “No-Hell Bell” launched The White Bucket Project, which according to their website “is based on the idea that within our community, one person may have more than enough, while at the same time somebody else has so much need they can’t see their way out.”

That’s not just liberal bias… that’s full-fledged socialism! That quote from their website sounds might as well be Karl Marx’s famous saying, “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.”

This general statement gets even worse when the actual redistribution of services, wealth, and time is further detailed. The White Bucket team is “currently looking for individuals who could serve as benevolence advisors, or offer pro-bono acts of service, such as car repair, dental or vision care, and legal advice, on an as needed basis.”

Somehow, Bell has managed to manipulate even Oprah–the ideal icon of capitalist success–into believing in generosity, inclusivity, and equality.

So beware my fellow Bible-believing, gun-toting, tax denying, climate-change deniers: the Devil’s Got both Oprah and Bell, don’t let him get you too!