Natasha Leggero Won’t Apologize for Spaghettioghazi

Destroying the morale of our troops. Destroying the good name of Spaghetti-O’s. Are the careless comments of Natasha Leggero the scandal that will FINALLY bring down the Obama administration?

During NBC’s live New Years coverage last week, everybody’s favorite comedian they’ve never heard of, Natasha Leggero, shocked the very small number of Americans who watch NBC, creating yet another earth-destroying scandal-disaster for the Obama administration.

old man eating SpaghettiosNot only did she unfairly attack Spaghetti-O’s, an American institution whose only crime was honoring those who lost their lives in the attack on Pearl Harbor, but she let no stone go unturned, saying: “It sucks that the only survivors of Pearl Harbor are being mocked by the only food they can still chew” (emphasis added).

As expected, real American patriots all over the country were outraged after one of the eight people watching NBC accidentally let the word out. Of course, the reaction of angry white men to a female comedian was about what you would expect: level-headed, reasonable, and ultimately constructive. As @Tcmarciano on Twitter so eloquently put it: Natasha Leggero is a “fucking no-class dirty dumbfuck cunt trashy drunk libtard bitch.”


Leggero’s response? She will not apologize to the hundreds of World War II veterans whose lives she irreparably damaged by her comment!

In a statement on her website, Leggero said she “wishes” she could apologize, but can’t. She continued saying “Do we really believe that the people who fought and defended our freedom against Nazis and the Axis powers will find a joke about Spaghetti O’s too much to bear?”

The answer to that question, in this writer’s opinion, is H*ECK YES!

The words “War Is Hell” have been in our nation’s subconscious since the 1800s. Since we are all aware of this, we as a nation have only sent our military men and women into battles that are both necessary and morally just. So while war may be the closest thing to Hell on Earth, our veterans were able to handle it because they knew it was right.

This is what allows the whole system to work. When they come back to scant support from the VA, they can handle it because they know the true meaning of “supporting the troops.” We allow for our veterans to pull themselves up by their boot straps, which is the American way. That’s why the troops love coming back to almost no support whatsoever: We give them a uniquely American welcome back to civilian life.

That is why what Natasha Leggero did on television was such a big scandal, and was the one thing our veterans are too sensitive to handle. She made a joke about people who fought in World War II being old.

They probably had no idea they were old… and now they have to live with that knowledge.