NASCAR has a liberal bias!

Band performing the national anthem

Band performing the national anthem

If you are a real American patriot, you were probably in Daytona Beach, Florida to witness this year’s Daytona 500 and the start of the NASCAR season. Like hot dogs, apple pie, and the films of John Wayne, the celebration of cars turning left at 200 miles per hour embodies freedom and liberty against tyranny.

What better way to kick off the race than by allowing Madison Rising, the self-proclaimed “Most Patriotic Rock Band in America,” to perform The Star-Spangled Banner? Of course, they really aren’t the most patriotic band in America, since I have a one man band named Lil’ Reagan and the Markets… but second place still isn’t bad.

The band’s performance, which you can see here, was profoundly inspiring and beautiful. The liberal corporate media proclaimed it “America’s worst anthem rendition,” but what else do you expect from pinko commies who cower in fear when stared in the face by real American greatness?

But there is a problem! Apparently, even NASCAR drivers and fans did not appreciate the breathtaking tribute to American exceptionalism!

News-Journal, a local Daytona Beach paper, quoted driver Brad Keselowski saying “I wish they’d just sing the damn song, that’s my reaction,” trying to hold back laughter.

Laughter. At the National Anthem!

Has NASCAR, like Fox News and the Super Bowl before it, been taken over by liberals? It certainly seems so!

For more proof, look no further than a Zogby poll from September 2012, just before Barack Hussein Obama fraudulently won a second Presidential election. In that poll, Obama led Mitt Romney 48-41 among NASCAR fans, despite Romney polling better in the South and among Wal-Mart shoppers.

I long for the good old days when NASCAR was a melting pot of conservative doctrine. When Richard Petty ran as a Republican for Secretary of State in North Carolina. When nine out of ten drivers in contention for the Nextel cup endorsed George W. Bush. When white men in competitive stock car racing were not having their jobs taken away by Danica Patrick.

But, this is what happens when one of those people is elected President, apparently. Even NASCAR drivers laugh at the American anthem.

Welcome to Obama’s America!