Will Obama create a Super-Gay Olympic army by cloning Johnny Weir and attack Russia?

Obama's super-gay clone Olympic army?

There have been a number of facts recently that, when taken together, lead to some very disturbing questions, with even more disturbing implications. We are here to connect the dots for you.

FACT #1. President Obama wants to send as many gay people as possible to Russia for the Olympics.  He said so himself; or at least, that’s what some people heard.

FACT #2. President Obama wants to create a secret army to take of the United States, according to a person who makes a living coming up with imaginary science-fiction stories.

FACT #3. President Obama thinks the army should force people to be gay, according to some person somewhere.

FACT #4. President Obama has been compared to Hitler, and we all know that Hitler was interested in genetic engineering, eugenics, cloning, and all of that creepy science stuff.

FACT #5. Johnny Weir is an Olympic skater, and is not just gay: he’s really, really, super-gay.

When you put these together, they point to a very obvious, and very scary, question:

Will Obama used Nazi-inspired cloning techniques to clone Johnny Weir and create a Super-Gay Olympic Army that he will then use to invade Russia???


…and more importantly: Why isn’t the mainstream media asking this question? Isn’t that, itself, evidence of a cover up?

Obama's super-gay clone Olympic army?

We report, you decide.