Job creation has a liberal bias!

Liberal Job Creation

Despite the well-known fact that conservatives know how to create jobs and liberals only know how to kill people’s spirit, this graph seems to show that job creation has been higher during presidential terms with Democrat presidents than Republican presidents.

This data, from the radical left-wing organization the “Bureau of Labor Statistics,” demonstrates everything that is wrong with numbers and measurement. If these so-called “numbers” do not demonstrate the truth about conservative policies, then these so-called “numbers” are nothing more than liberal bias!!!!


Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
Via: Wikipedia table used by Greg Stevens to create the graph.

Job growth has a liberal bias!

Path to Liberalbess

Everyone knows that Obama is the worst president ever and that everything his does makes the economy worse. So how is it possible that job growth seems to have been improving ever since he took office?

Obviously, there is a conspiracy. The radically partisan statistic called “job growth” is clearly guilty of liberal bias!!!


Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4/2/2010
Via: The Maddow Blog