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"Reality has a well-known liberal bias." 

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Celebrating the glorious success of the GOP Government Shutdown!
, 02 Oct 2014 by The Daily Edge

GOP Government Shutdown was a catastrophe and the GOP wants to do it again

October 1st marked the one-year anniversary of the hugely successful GOP shutdown of the US government. And Republicans have every reason to celebrate. Led by Cuban-Canadian renegade Ted Cruz, the shutdown allowed Republicans to deliver what one expert described as “a sharp kick to Uncle Sam’s balls and every American’s pocketbook.” This “completely self-inflicted economic


Brownbackistan is a beautiful land of the free… just be patient!
, 03 Sep 2014 by ThisWeekInStupid

Welcome to Kansas

Lower taxes and less regulation lead to a host of good ends—more employment, more tax revenue, fewer mosquitoes and less unattractive belly fat. That’s why it’s important to carefully parse the news coming out of Kansas recently. Sam “The Repealer” Brownback was elected governor there in 2011. Since both state houses are strongly Republican, the


Messiah-Mess 101: top 12 Obama scandals with explanations
, 27 Aug 2014 by LiberalBias.com

Very funny Obama political cartoon called "Messiah Mess"

This is a political cartoon created by William Warren for NetRightDaily last month. It is obviously very clever and 100% accurate because it depicts Obama in sewage. However, if you have not been keeping up with all of the details of politics over the last 6 years, you might not recognize all of the scandals


Total Jobs has a liberal bias!
, 11 Jun 2014 by LiberalBias.com

Total Jobs

Attention all conservatives! The following is an important announcement concerning your Tweets, Facebook Status Updates, and blog comments. DO NOT EVER talk about the “number of jobs” or in America. We have recently discovered that the total number of employees in the United States today is larger than ever before, even larger than it was


Liberal graphs round-up: May 14 2014
, 14 May 2014 by LiberalBias.com

Wisconsin job growth

A collection of the most liberally-biased graphs this week. These graphs do NOT support conservative philosophy or ideals! Do you have a tip for a graph that you want to share that is deviously, frighteningly LIBERAL in the numbers or facts that it reports? Make sure to send us a tip!

Republicans finally admit economy is improving; say racism is to blame
, 07 May 2014 by LiberalBias.com

Jobs are improving faster under Obama because of RACISM.

Over the past week, several notable Republicans have finally admitted that the economy is improving. “We’ve been denying it for five years now, and it’s been pretty exhausting,” admitted one chief aid to a prominent orange-hued Republican on the condition of anonymity. “But between unemployment being the best it has been since Bush, the stock


Republican jobs plan: REVEALED!!!
, 21 Feb 2014 by LiberalBias.com

Top Secret

Liberals like making fun of Republicans because, despite claims to be “laser-focused on job creation“, they seem to be talking about pretty much anything except improving jobs for the American people. But liberals have got it wrong. They just don’t understand. Republicans have been working non-stop on job creation… at the state level.  They have


Unemployment numbers before and after unskewing: a lesson in biased chart-making
, 19 Jan 2014 by LiberalBias.com

Warning: this graph contains actual relevant facts to interpreting results, which are known to have liberal bias.

Since unemployment is at its lowest point since President Obama took office, good conservatives need to turn to a different statistic in order to convince people that the entire economy is imploding and on the brink of disaster and P.S. it’s all because of Obama. One of the most popular statistics to use is the


The government shutdown IS a jobs plan, and this graph is proof!
, 13 Nov 2013 by Zach Heltzel

The government shutdown created jobs and this is proof!!

If you have been cheating on LiberalBias this week with lesser news outlets, you will have noticed that nobody in the liberal media has been reporting on the important issues. For example, every news outlet has completely ignored the fact that the healthcare.gov website has experienced glitches! Not only that, but there has not been


Wisconsin job growth has a liberal bias!
, 17 May 2013 by LiberalBias.com

Wisconsin job growth

Wisconsin is a shining conservative city on a hill, and has been implementing severely conservative policies for several years now. So why isn’t job growth as high as conservatives say it should be? Take a quick look at the recent history of Wisconsin.  When Scott Walker was inaugurated as governor, it meant that the Republican


Job recoveries have a liberal bias!
, 03 May 2013 by LiberalBias.com

Private Sector Jobs under Bush and Obama

Everyone knows Obama’s job recovery is the most sluggish job recovery in the history of all of humanity, and probably the whole galaxy. So why does this graph show that Bush’s job recovery was even worse? Some of you might remember that George W. Bush’s first term as president immediately followed a big stock market


Liberally biased recession punishes conservatives!
, 14 Jan 2013 by LiberalBias.com

unemployment and education

This disturbing graph shows that the recession has had a very partisan and unfair liberal bias. Specifically: the more indoctrinated you are by liberal education, the less likely you are to be unemployed. It’s important to remember the conservative values that the Republican party has championed for the last several years. Universities are nothing more


Obama’s God-like control over jobs
, 12 Jan 2013 by LiberalBias.com

The REAL Obama Jobs Plan

This is the third installment of the new monthly column, The Illuminated Truth. If there is one thing that conservatives know for a fact, it is that Obama has completely unprecedented and almost unimaginable power. He can control gas prices with the wave of a hand, he can control the number of private-sector jobs that


Liberal facts conspire to embarass the Heritage Foundation
, 03 Dec 2012 by LiberalBias.com

When liberal facts and numbers dare to embarrass good, conservative institutions like the Heritage Foundation, it’s just downright unseemly. The above graphs provide a good example of this kind of scummy behavior that liberal facts like to engage in. On the left you see two graphs that were published by the Heritage Foundation in 2001


Business Technology professionals have a liberal bias!
, 30 Nov 2012 by LiberalBias.com

This graph, from the July 2012 issue of Information Week magazine, reveals a very serious problem: apparently business professionals in the Information Technology sector have all been hypnotized and converted over to communism. The magazine conducted a survey of 362 business technology professionals who believe that the U.S. is a former technology leader or is


You should believe it’s a non-recovery because I say so.
, 27 Aug 2012 by LiberalBias.com

Everybody knows that Obama is a failure, specifically because there is no economic recovery going on. We hear this on Fox News, we hear this from Rush Limbaugh, we hear this from Sean Hannity, so obviously it must be true. Sean Hannity has also patiently explained that this specific recovery is doing much worse than


Investor uncertainty has a liberal bias!
, 23 Aug 2012 by LiberalBias.com

Everybody knows that having a Democrat in the White House makes investors hoard their cash and destroy the economy. That is why it is critical that we elect a Republican into a White House as soon as possible, so that rich people can sigh a collective sigh of relief and start hiring people. The logic


European unemployment weirdly contradicts conservative values!
, 20 Aug 2012 by LiberalBias.com

This graph compares the tax rate on the highest income earners in several European countries to the unemployment rates in those countries. We also threw in the good ol’ U.S.A  just for comparison. As we all know, one of the most fundamental facts that is unquestionably true about conservative economics is that lowering taxes on


Hannity’s rubber band has a liberal bias!
, 02 Aug 2012 by LiberalBias.com

Sean Hannity has a theory, and that theory involves rubber bands. For the last few weeks, he has been talking about the “rubber band effect“: the deeper the recession, the stronger the recovery. It is an economic fact that is always true, except when you have a foreign Kenyan socialist Muslim President who is trying


Mark Levin proves that unemployment is really 50%
, 12 Jul 2012 by LiberalBias.com

Radical left-wing media organizations all over the country reported last week that unemployment in June 2012 was 8.2%.  This is a liberal lie, designed to make people think that the entire world isn’t about to collapse under the evil dictatorship that is the Obama presidency. Well, we are here to tell you that they are


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