Messiah-Mess 101: top 12 Obama scandals with explanations

Very funny Obama political cartoon called "Messiah Mess"

This is a political cartoon created by William Warren for NetRightDaily last month. It is obviously very clever and 100% accurate because it depicts Obama in sewage. However, if you have not been keeping up with all of the details of politics over the last 6 years, you might not recognize all of the scandals that are named on the right-side pane.

DO NOT FEAR! What follows is a quick cheat-sheet summary of each of these scandals, so you will understand exactly why you should be completely outraged at Obama.

1. Fast and Furious.  The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) has a long history of programs designed to try to stop people from purchasing firearms from American gun dealers in order to pass them on to Mexican cartels. One such operation, known as “Wide Receiver”, was started in 2006. Another, called “Fast and Furious”, was started in 2009. According to some accusations, these programs intentionally allowed illegal firearm sales in order to track the firearms by their serial numbers and later identify members of Mexican drug cartels. However, these accusations were never fully confirmed and most independent research shows that the ATF never intentionally allowed any illegal firearms sales. Eventually these were both shut down. There is no evidence that Obama knew about or was involved in any of these incidents.

But, Obama gave a very suspicious speech in 2009 where he said better gun regulation might help slow the flow of guns from the U.S. to Mexico. Obviously this means Obama created “Fast and Furious” deliberately as a plot to take away Americans’ guns. (More info: CBS News)

2. Debt. When Obama was inaugurated, the total federal debt was about $10.6 trillion and was increasing at a rate of $1.4 trillion per year. Now, it is about $17.6 trillion and is increasing at a rate of $0.54 trillion per year. About two thirds of the increase in debt since Obama was inaugurated has been caused by interest and entitlements that were in place before Obama became president.

This proves that the entire debt is Obama’s fault.

Total Jobs3. Jobs. The total number of non-farm employee payroll jobs in January 2009 was about 134 million. The total number of non-farm employee payroll jobs in July 2014 was about 139 million. A total of 9.3 million jobs were created between the January 2010 low-point, when it finally reached the bottom of the decline that began in late 2007, and today.

This is all proof that Obama has failed… somehow.

4. Taliban Trade. Obama did everything he could to get American prisoner Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl delivered home safely. This included the release of five Guantanamo Bay prisoners. Obviously this is a disgusting horrible scandal, because America never negotiates with terrorists.

Except for that time Reagan did it, and that time Bush did it. (More info: Time.) Ironically, now that an American citizen was beheaded by an Islamic terrorist, there are conservatives who are complaining that Obama didn’t organize some kind of trade to get him back. I guess that can be listed as another scandal.

5. Benghazi. 4 people were killed in a terrorist attack in Benghazi while Obama was president. This compares to 98 people who were killed in terrorist attacks against American consulates when Bush was president.

However, Obama called it an “act of terror” instead of a “terrorist attack”, which proves Obama is not fit for office.

6. IRS. The IRS cracked down on politically active organizations trying to file as 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity groups. They investigated both liberal and conservative groups. They only refused 501(c)(3) status to a small number of progressive groups, and did not refuse it to any “tea party” groups. There is no evidence that Obama had anything to do with it, or had any knowledge of it.

This proves Obama was the sinister mastermind of this terrible aggression against the Tea Party. (More info: Think Progress)

7. Iraq. Obama withdrew soldiers from Iraq when things seemed relatively peaceful, and now ISIS has risen and is creating all kinds of problem. Since the magical Tea Party Crystal Ball tells us that if Obama hadn’t withdrawn troops from Iraq, then ISIS would not exist and there would be a Starbucks on every Iraqi corner, this proves that the mess in Iraq is completely Obama’s fault.

8. Obamacare. Millions of Americans now have preventative health insurance, young adults can stay on their parent’s plans for longer, nobody can be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions, insurance companies are legally required to limit the amount they can increase their fees, lifetime limits on payouts are being lifted.

However, a while back the website was broken, and there once was a woman who got mad because she thought she might have to pay more for insurance even though she didn’t actually log onto the Obamacare website to see if she could get a better deal.

Therefore, Obamacare is clearly an outrage and a scandal.

9. Keystone. Obama has delayed a decision on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline project, and perhaps might delay it indefinitely, which is completely within his power and rights to do as the President of the United States. This qualified as as scandal, presumably, simply because conservatives don’t like it very much.

Yeah, I’m not really clear on this one. maybe someone can help out and explain why this is a “scandal”?

Job Growth10. Economy. Unemployment is down to 6.1%.  58% of the new jobs added in 2014 pay above the average hourly wage. 1.4 million jobs were create in the first half of 2014. The stock market grew 142% in Obama’s first 2000 days in office. 53 months of uninterrupted job growth. The GDP went from shrinking at a rate of 2.8% when Obama took office to growing at a rate of 2.2% now.

Obviously, there is a scandal in there somewhere… somehow. Maybe if Obama hadn’t been born in Kenya, the GDP growth rate would be 2.4% instead of 2.2%? Someone also needs to explain the logic on this one.


11. The VA. Allegations of neglect and mismanagement in VA hospitals have been around for more than 40 years. Anyone who has paid close attention to the state of VA medical care has been aware that there have been problems going back since before the Reagan administration.

However, it became a topic in the news this year and Obama took FOUR WHOLE WEEKS before he fired Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki and launched an investigation.  Can you believe it? FOUR WEEKS!

Obviously, Obama is just an evil, evil, inept person.

12. Illegal Immigration. Illegal immigration has also been a problem for decades in this country. Obama hasn’t granted anyone amnesty. Obama hasn’t slowed deportations. He also hasn’t done anything to weaken the borders compared to way border enforcement was when Bush was President.

However, because he hasn’t solved the problem of illegal immigration completely… this is clearly yet another scandal.

So there you have it: a list of all of the scandals weighing down Obama.

Can you believe he hasn’t been impeached yet?


These three graphs are exactly like JUSTIN BIEBER!

Justin Bieber in London

When talking about something dry and boring like graphs, it helps to snazz it up a little bit by making a goofy comparison to Justin Bieber! And including a picture.

Justin Bieber in London
Photo Credit:

The inspiration for this article is a recent article at The Wonk Blog on the very very boring topic of Fed Tapering. Even though we despise those pinko commie liberals over at Wonk Blog, we have to give them credit where credit is due: what better way to create click bait make economics interesting than to mention the name “Justin Bieber” in the article??? And include a picture.

So, without further ado…. CHECK IT OUT: these three graphs are just like Justin Bieber:



IRS scandal interest wanesThis graph, from News Busters, shows that even though Fox News thinks that the fact that the IRS reviewed Tea Party applications for non-profit status is, like, OMG THE BIGGEST  STORY IN THE UNIVERSE, nonetheless, the rest of the world just doesn’t care as much as Fox News wishes it would.

Similarly, if you are a true Belieber then you think that Justin THE GOD Bieber should be the most important thing in the news every day, so WTF is up with the fact that he’s not? Why didn’t he win every award and get mentioned on the TV, like all the time??? It’s just NOT FAIR HE IS TOTALLY UNDER-APPRECIATED.

Thus, this graph shows that the IRS Scandal is exactly like Justin Bieber.



Cost of ObamacareThis graph, from The Gateway Pundit, is from an article about the CBO’s conclusion that an immigration bill would reduce the deficit.  However, this graph has nothing to do with the immigration bill, it is actually a graph of the CBO’s projections regarding Obamacare.

It is also misleading, because it gives the impression that the CBO made one estimate concerning the cost of Obamacare that it then is revising upward with new information.  In fact, each bar represents a different estimate because it represents an estimate over a different period of time.

This is exactly like how Justin Bieber is sometimes portrayed in the media as some kind of irresponsible, self-involved douche, when in fact any true Belieber will tell you that HE IS ACTUALLY THE COOLEST SWEETEST MOST KIND AND AWESOMEST DOWN-TO-EARTH PERSON EVER.

So: misrepresented in the media.  That is how this graph is exactly like Justin Bieber!



Ice SheetsSaving the best for last: this graph, from Right Wing Granny, shows that during previous ice ages there was just so much ice it would have covered everything! This isn’t really that much of a graph, as a pictogram, in a way. It’s very artistic: showing city skylines with the relative height of the ice sheets in those regions during some previous ice age.

Anyway, the conclusion is that since you can see in the pretty picture how much ice there used to be in the past, therefore there is no reason to worry about global warming now. At least, that’s the conclusion that “Right Wing Granny” wants you to come to. As it happens, the graph isn’t even originally from her, it’s from

Perhaps even more than the previous graphs, this graph is EXACTLY LIKE JUSTIN BIEBER.

Specifically: it is over-produced, cutesy, contains almost no information, and is based on someone else’s creative effort, but if you are true Belieber then it doesn’t matter because…. IT JUST LOOKS COOL!!!

Just like Justin Bieber.