Business Technology professionals have a liberal bias!

Liberal Business Technology Professionals

This graph, from the July 2012 issue of Information Week magazine, reveals a very serious problem: apparently business professionals in the Information Technology sector have all been hypnotized and converted over to communism.

The magazine conducted a survey of 362 business technology professionals who believe that the U.S. is a former technology leader or is losing its leadership position. The survey was designed to find out why.

Obviously, any good, intelligent conservative answering this survey would immediately just yell “OBAMA!” and throw the survey onto the ground. Unfortunately, this answer was not one of the options provided.

The second-best answer, which did appear on the survey, would be “onerous U.S. tax and regulatory policies.” This is the obvious correct answer. Everyone knows that the big problem is America right now is too much regulation and too many taxes.

Yet somehow, mysteriously, only 20% of the business professionals answering this survey chose that response!


The reason most often cited for the United States losing its leadership position in the technology sector was “shortsighted decisions that are shipping tech jobs and innovation abroad”!

In other words, the stupid, liberal communist people who answered this survey are blaming the job creators!

How dare they?

This must be investigated further. We are potentially faced with a very serious problem: business technology professionals in the United States have been infected…. with the liberal bias!!!


graph source: scanned from Information Week Magazine, July 9, 2012